Sites for Free Cross Stitch Designs

As much as I love buying new charts (and I do as often as I can afford to!), I love a good freebie, too. There are so many lovely designs for free on the web. Here are some of my favorite places to get them; keep in mind, some of these change from month to month so visit often!
If there are any you find that I missed, please feel free to comment.

Kincavel Krosses
All on one page, just keep scrolling!

Brookes Books
Three pages of freebies on the right sidebar 

Heaven and Earth Designs

Ink Circles

Cross Stitch Collectibles
Changes every month

Changes every two weeks

Pixel Power
Lots of freebies on the main page


Daily Cross Stitch
Requires you to sign up, but you get a free design every day


Glory Bee
Under the picture on the right is a drop down box to their archives of free charts

The Stitcherhood

Rainbow Gallery

They have lots of free designs grouped by type of floss.
Color Variations:
Light Effects:

Tiny Modernist

Dragon Dreams

Cross Stitch and Needlework Magazine

Posy Collection

Happy Stitch

Cyber Stitchers

Yiotas XStitch

Alita Designs

Cross Stitch Pattern

Jan Lynn

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  1. I feel so flattered :) Thank you for including my blog in your list! :)