Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Two on Tuesday on Wednesday

I slept most of yesterday so I'm counting today as Tuesday. Besides, I haven't had the energy to crochet much lately so I don't have anything to show you for WIP Wednesday.
I still feel lousy but managed to get dressed today and drag myself off the couch for brief periods of time so I must be on the mend. Either that or I'm just tired of being sick! Thanks for all the kind words :-)

Two things I'm grateful for:
1. My new jewelry came in yesterday. I ordered some pieces from our new fall line and it cheered me up to play with them a little. I'm a magpie at heart; I like shiny things :-)
2. Netflix is a beautiful thing when you're sick. I've watched a lot of TV the last 4 days, but at least it's been shows I like and I don't have to deal with commercials.

Two Patterns I Think Are Neat:
1. Eva's Shawl
I enjoyed making my flower lattice shawl so much, I've had my eye out for more pretty shawl patterns. This one caught my eye because it's so light. I have some baby alpaca I'd like to use for this.
2. Wrap Around Crochet Bracelet
Wrap around bracelets are very popular right now; we have several in our jewelry catalog. I love the idea of crocheting my own, although I've never used beads before when I crochet.

I might have to think about using Tim's laptop for my next post. I don't like using it (the screen's too small and it doesn't have a mouse), but it takes less energy than coming into the office.
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Blessings :-)

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Monday, July 29, 2013

Home and Still on the Mend

We've been home from our Texas trip for 2 weeks, but I've been suffering from an on again/off again sinus infection. Being the family that shares, I got it first, then gave it to my hubby. He kicked it around for awhile and gave it back to me stronger. So not much going on around here but sneezing and sniffling. Of course, the kid managed to avoid it completely.
Our trip was wonderful, as always.There are some changes in the works for the company, but all for everyone's benefit.
 Our group visiting the home office: L to R: Judi, John, Sarah, Shirley, me, Tim

I managed to finish a couple of things this month. The 36 hour car ride allowed me to make a project for a friend's husband's birthday. He's a big Dr Who fan and wanted the famous scarf.

It turned out nice, about 10 feet long. It's done entirely in single crochet; I used Vanna's Choice and Red Heart Soft yarns.

And I finally finished my Flower Lattice Shawl. It's not nearly as big as it should be (my gauge was way off; should have used an F hook instead of an E), but I really like it. 
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Blessings :-)

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Photo a Day July 1 & 2

I've missed taking my daily photos! I have a lot of fun with this challenge :-)

Yesterday's prompt was Happiness is...

My happiness was playing a game with Hope and her friend while working on one of my WIPs. At 11, Hope's at that age where she doesn't want me around much. So I love anytime she wants to spend with me.

Today's prompt is Shoes. And because it's one of my favorite things, I have 2 photos to share.
 First is my shoe collection. Yup, they're all mine. 24 pairs (and I think I forgot a couple!). Mostly heels and wedges because at 5'3", I am always trying to appear taller. And reach things on the top shelves of my kitchen cabinets! 
 Second is my pretty purple flip flops. I had my first pedicure of the summer today (a little late!) and wanted to show off my feet. I need to wear open toed shoes more often; the tan on my feet doesn't match my toes and ankles!

If you want to join in on the fun, the prompt list is here. It's a great way to find the extraordinary in the everyday.
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Blessings :-)

I'm Back (Again!) and Two on Tuesday

No reason for my disappearance this time; I've just been in the slumps the last few weeks. Haven't felt like doing much of anything. But I've crawled out of that pit and am excited to be back. Still plugging along on the same WIPs. I'm hoping to have some progress to show you in a couple weeks.
Which brings me to Two Tuesday!

Two Things I'm Grateful For:

1. Our annual trip to Texas! Yes, it's that time again. I LOVE our trip to the national convention for my jewelry company. It's so nice to get away for awhile. And I have 36 hours of crochet time to look forward to!
2. My sweet hubby who fixed my car. Mechanic's cars never get attention, so I'm grateful when Tim takes time to fix anything that's wrong with it. 

Bonus Grateful Item!
3. After 2 years of asking, Hope finally agreed to let me teach her to crochet! 
We're starting small; she's making a basic granny square blanket. But she really enjoys it, and is a fast learner. She's looking forward to trying different projects when she's done.
Her first 5 rounds! I'm so proud :-)


Two Patterns I Think Are Cool:

1. Sashay Yarn Purse. I made this a couple of months ago and was surprised how easy it was. It's hanging up at the scrapbook store and always gets a lot of comments.

2. Pennant Bunting. I made this last year and have it ready to hang for our barbecue on Thursday.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Tuesday. I'm off to do laundry and start packing for our trip. We're leaving in 5 days!!
Thanks for reading!
Blessings :-)

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