Wednesday, December 19, 2012

100 POSTS!!

Today is post 100! Thank you to everyone who's followed me or checked out my blog this first year. I know I've been erratic with posts (something I'm hoping to change next year), but I have thoroughly enjoyed myself. And without you, I'd just be rambling to myself about crochet and scrapbooking and life (I do that anyway!).

Oh, that's right, there's supposed to be a giveaway, isn't there?
Have I held you in suspense long enough?
Well, here it is!
I got my little Christmas bucket...
put all the names in it...
shook them up and drew out a name.





Crochet dyverse!!!



She is the proud recipient of two cotton washcloths.
Okay, crochet dyverse, you have one week to claim your prize. Please email your mailing address to And congratulations!
Thank you to everyone who entered, be you fabulous new followers or rockin' regular followers!

One last monkey

I can't get away from them!! I thought I was done, but my friend heard about them and asked me to make one for her to give as a gift. 
I'm still crocheting slippers and owl purses, frantically trying to get everything done by Tuesday. I'm down to 5 pairs of slippers and 2 purses and, of course, the yo yo blanket. Kay and Helen came by yesterday and made 40 yo yos for me while I attached two rows to the blanket. Only 80 more yo yos and 12 rows to go! I don't anticipate it being done by Christmas; it'll be a late gift. My goal now is to get it done this year.

Well, I'm off to get by dad at the airport; he's visiting this week from Ohio. 
Thanks for reading!
Blessings :-)

Today's Inspiration


  1. Thanks for the giveaway and love your owls and monkeys they are so cute. Merry Christmas:)

  2. Thanks for the giveaway....thankyou for making my all smiles:)