Saturday, December 29, 2012

Peace and Quiet

It's all over for another year. The cookies have been baked (all 200 of them!), packaged and given away..
Peanut butter cookies, yum, yum!

The gifts have been made (3 scarves, 12 pairs of slippers, 2 hats, 3 owl purses, 2 sock monkey cozies, and 2 hot pads) and given away...
Love the minion hat! The pattern can be found here.
Bear hat for my baby nephew. Too cute! Pattern is here.
Everyone loved their slipper socks! Pattern is here.

My dad had a wonderful time here and has gone home to Ohio...
Horse riding for the first time in years
Driving go carts with Tim at Fun Spot
Playing with Hope and a remote control helicopter
Now, it's time to relax and breathe. Time to enjoy the peace and quiet. In a few days, the new year will start and the busyness will begin again. But for now, it's quiet.

Another Year Older

My birthday was Wednesday. I turned 33.
Tim made breakfast for me and bought me roses...

Hope made me an adorable card and bought me a cute little sign...
I received a few other gifts: a JC Penney gift card from my mother in law, three baby owls from my friend Jenna, and a Christmas owl from my friend Helen.
So adorable! Can't decide which is my favorite!
Then Helen and I shopped until we dropped. We went to Kirkland's, Michaels, JC Penney, and Walmart.Here are a few goodies I found:
Christmas ribbon (70% off!) and some new hooks
Of course, I had to buy some yarn!
Owls! The brown one is a candle holder, the white one is a vase, and the black one is a Kindle holder.
I love baskets! I've already filled them with WIPs.
Lots of new paper for making cards
Crochet and knitting supplies (I don't know how to knit, but I'd like to learn.)
Containers for next year's Christmas cookies
It was a very enjoyable day :-)

The weather's been crazy the last few days. 40's in the morning, 70's in the afternoon and rainy. I'm taking advantage of it by staying indoors and finishing the blue and brown yo yo blanket. I promised her it would be done by New Year's.
I hope you're having an enjoyable weekend wherever you are :-)
Thanks for reading!
Blessings :-)

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  1. Wow you got some great stash.

    Happy New Year