Monday, March 17, 2014

A Sweet Surprise

Before we left Florida, my sweet friends threw me a baby shower. We had a wonderful time visiting with friends and family and were gifted with diapers and gift cards (easiest things to pack!). I assumed, not knowing anyone in Texas, that would be the extent of the baby gifts, and I felt blessed to receive them.
But yesterday, to my utter shock and joy, the sweet ladies of our new church surprised us with a second baby shower! They are so excited about our upcoming blessing, and we are so grateful and overwhelmed at their generosity. These are people we've only known a couple of months, not years, and the way they've opened their hearts and welcomed us into their family is truly proof of God's awesome love.
Enjoy the rest of St. Patrick's Day even if you're not the least little bit Irish (I'm a little and Tim's a lot). I'm happily wearing my "lucky" socks that get dragged out once a year.
Thanks for reading.
Blessings :-)

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  1. That was so sweet of the ladies to give you a baby shower. Looks like you received lots of nice gifts too. :)

  2. You have received some lovely gifts Kate. What great ladies.


  3. How kind and generous! I love your socks :)

  4. What a blessing indeed! :) Have a great weekend. Tammy