Sunday, February 9, 2014

Photo a Day Challenge February 3-9

Here are my Photo a Day shots for this week:

February 3: Something Orange
This is one of my favorite shirts from Dress Barn. It's stretchy and comfortable which means I can still wear it during my pregnancy without ruining the fabric.

February 4: Childhood
Something I remember from my childhood is always living out of boxes. We moved every couple months for several years (financial reasons, not military). I think that's why it bugs me so much to still have stuff in boxes right now. I hate that unsettled feeling.

February 5: Square
This is the linoleum pattern in my hallway and front entryway. We have plans to replace it with something a little more cheery. I'd like to figure out how to turn the pattern into a granny square.

February 6: C is for...
Cockatiel! You've seen our cats and dog; this is our feathered pet, Tweety. She's about 7 years old, loves to be held but hates to be touched, and isn't afraid of any of the other animals in the house. Here she is overseeing Tim's work on the computer.

February 7: Utensil
I wasn't sure how to make this one interesting. So I snapped a picture of the utensil everyone looks at with puzzlement. Few people seem to know what it is. 

February 8: Water
My almost empty water glass from Riscky's Barbeque, one of our favorite restaurants in Fort Worth. They have the best fried pickles! 

February 9: Details
Here's an extreme close up of the bead and sequin detail on my other shirt from Dress Barn. It's almost the same as the orange one from the first photo. The sleeves are a little longer and it's pink and black. 

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  1. Okay Kate. What is the utensil.


    1. It's a citrus peeler :-) The hook on the end is used to cut through the peel and divide it into four sections. It's a much easier and less messy way to peel an orange (or any other citrus).

  2. We moved around a lot as kids too so I know what you mean about boxes. I can't wait to get moved and get everything unloaded. Sometimes I see things too (patterns) and say to myself, I wonder how I could crochet that. :-) Have a great week. Take care, Heather

    1. I know you're anxious to be in your new home :-)
      My "crochet goggles"are always on; patterns and colors everywhere turn into crochet thoughts.

  3. I knew what your utensil old am I? I have moving and I really hate unpacking for making a granny square similar to your tile mean you are so hooked and it only gets worse as you age..hugs

    1. I don't think age has anything to do with it, just if you ever used one. I think I was 10 the first time I saw one at my aunt's house.
      I'm definitely hooked! I see pattern ideas and color combos everywhere. Now I just need the skills to turn those thoughts into workable patterns.