Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Two Tuesday

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Two Things I'm Grateful For:

1. Better health. I'm recovered from the bug that was holding me down last week. And I'm almost recovered from a very painful procedure I had to have on Friday after an emergency situation sent me to the doctor on Thursday. The baby's fine, and I can now sit without a pile of pillows and almost without pain.

2. Penguin Days at the Dalls Zoo. Because the weather's cooler, zoo attendance has been low, so the zoo is offering $5 admission for all ages. We went yesterday and had a really nice time. 

Two Patterns I Think Are Neat:

I've been in a wreath making mood lately. This one is small and cute and perfect for the upcoming season.

I've never made crochet jewelry. This has a lot of color play options.

Thanks for reading.
Blessings :-) 

Today's Inspiration

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Source: http://bakingandmaking.com/2012/05/23/crochet-a-summer-garland/


  1. Glad you are feeling better. Thanks for the lovely crochet patterns. Linda@Wetcreek Blog

  2. So happy to hear that your feeling better Kate.


  3. Glad to hear that you're feeling better. Take it easy now. :)