Friday, June 19, 2015

First Five on Friday

I've seen this Friday series on many blogs and thought it looked like fun. It was started by Amy of love made my home. You share five things on Friday, either related or not. So, today, I have five random thoughts that I'm linking to Amy's Five on Friday post.

1. While scrolling through Pinterest (my not-so-secret addiction), I saw some posts on homeschooling preschoolers. My first thought: "How nice." My second thought: "Eek! That's only a year or two away!" As time seems to move at warp speed in my house, I've decided it's best to start researching how to homeschool a preschooler now.

2. I went to the new doctor on Tuesday, and I have to admit I was very impressed. He actually listened! Wow! He didn't treat me as if I were stupid or being a baby or making up my pain. He listened, took lots of notes, and gave me some prescriptions that should help. While he didn't officially diagnose me with fibromyalgia yet, that's the route we're taking with medication. If I improve in the next couple weeks, it'll be a good conclusion.

3. We survived our first week of night shifts. Tim's been home the last few days and goes back to work tonight. It hasn't been too bad; no one's getting much sleep, but I figured that. That's why we took the time off from school and have been cleaning and organizing. I've been tackling small areas every day and filling boxes to take to the thrift store. It's amazing how much stuff we have that doesn't get used.

4. It's IHSW this weekend, hosted by Joysze of Random Ramblings. I really haven't decided what projects I'm going to focus on stitching this weekend. I've been playing around with my rotation schedule, I've dropped a couple of SALs and added otheres, and I'm still doing starts. Whatever I decide, I'll show progress pics on Monday.

5. I've become addicted to Flosstube. I can't remember who first mentioned it in their blog, but I was intrigued so I headed over to YouTube to find out. For those of you who don't know, they're videos done by stitchers showing their WIPs, purchases and stitching techniques and tutorials. Basically a live blog. I love to pull up a video while I stitch or fold clothes; it's like watching TV but all about cross stitching. So far, my favorite flosstubers are Tricia the Left Handed Stitcher and BlimeyCatStitches.

Thanks for reading.
Blessings :-)


  1. I've never heard of Flosstube. I'll have to look it up. I can see how it might become addictive. Hmm...and will I want to start too many projects and never get any of them done?? Hmm... Have a great weekend! XOXO Bronwyn

  2. I have never come across Flosstube, like Bronwyn I will certainly be looking that one up. Have a great weekend.

  3. Thank you so much for joining in Kate! Great to have you taking part. I like your five random thoughts approach, it is a good one. Sounds as though you have a busy and crafty life which is nice. I hope to see you again sometimes, I will be back to visit some more! Thank you again. Hope you have a great weekend! xx

  4. Flosstube is so much fun!
    Hope things work out with the meds - being in pain truly sucks :S
    Looking forward to seeing your IHSW choice/results :D :D :D

  5. Hi Kate I too enjoyed your 5 on Fri. And hope you are feeling better with the medicine. Enjoy the weekend.

  6. An interesting peak into your busy week. I like the sound of the stitching videos. I have learnt so much from youtube crochet videos, so handy.

  7. Hope you get some relief with the new medication. I've never heard of Flosstube either. Of course, I'm not much into YouTube unless someone shares something with me. Haven't watched tv in years. Don't listen to or read the news. I much prefer peace and quiet and blissful ignorance. Ha! Take care, Tammy

  8. Glad you saw a great Doctor. I'm sorry about the possible fibromyalgia, though. I went to a great Dr. twelve years ago who ran numerous tests on me and concluded I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome that was onset by a virus. I know there is a lot of fatique with FM too. It has been so debilitating, plus I have pain with my arthritis, so I sort've know what you are going through. Sorry about your hubby being on night husband went through that for years and it is so bad for you! I hope yours won't have to do it much. cool is that! I will have to check it out.

  9. Hi Kate! Came over from Amy's Five on Friday! Love all your stitching and thanks for telling us about Flosstube as I'd never heard of it but it sounds great!
    Hope you are on the right track with your meds and all that you have going on right now!
    Looking forward to following and hope you come by too!
    Happy weekend!

  10. Glad to hear your doctor listened. Hope you are feeling better.

  11. I enjoyed reading your post Kate. Sure hope the doctor figured out what the pain is and that the meds help. I better get with my stitching and crocheting so that I can catch up to you. Enjoy your flosstubes.


  12. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia just over a year ago. I started taking the supplement MSM and it helped considerably. I then went to a nutritionist and realized I was eating foods that cause inflammation, like wheat and sugar - sugar mainly. I overhauled my diet and am now pain free. here is a blog post where I wrote about it: I have since developed blood markers for RA, but diet reduced all that as well. Maybe this can help with your journey! God bless!

  13. Nice reading your post. Will check out what this flosstube is all about,(I've also read it on other blogs).

  14. Your post is the first Five on Friday post that I have ever seen. A really nice idea. And I loved reading about your Fives.

    Your new doctor seems to be a good one. My best friend has fibromyalgia and don't ask me how many doctors she had to go to until this was diagnosed with it. Now she is taking the right medicaments and everything is under control. And the best thing is that she doesn't have to suffer from the pain any longer she was having before.

    Thanks for mentioning flosstube, I'll have to check that out.