Monday, July 7, 2014

Monday Musings

What a place for a nest! These wasps have been building their nest on the thermometer needle for about two months now. I keep saying I need to spray them, but I'm fascinated by their tenacity. The thermometer has a plastic covering on it, but it fell right after we moved in and a small piece broke off. That's how the wasps got behind the plastic.
A large branch on one of our peach trees broke off, so we picked the peaches off it. I'm not sure if they'll ripen the rest of the way, but we can hope. Both trees are loaded with peaches. The dogs jump up and snatch them off the lower branches.
Most of Alex's pajamas have the built in mitts on the sleeves so she doesn't scratch herself. Every morning, I find she's worked her thumbs out of them. She loves her thumbs; she's trying to be a thumb sucker already. Hope liked the pacifier, but Alex doesn't.

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  1. I hope the peaches ripen up for you. Maybe peach pie or cobbler is on the horizon. I always heard to put them in a brown paper bag. Worth a try? We have a lot of wasps and/or hornets this year too. They are enjoying our deck almost as much as we are. Hope you had a nice 4th. Heather

  2. I hate wasps and bees! I love that you have fresh peaches from your tree! The babies thumbs are cute! Thanks for stopping by today! I returned the sunscreen and recieved a $10.99 gift card to Walgreens! I didn't even think to return it and thanks for the suggestion. Have a nice afternoon and week!
    Julie xoxo

  3. I hope your peaches ripen! What a waste if they don't. I've been enjoying the nectarines from the store here. They are so sweet and juicy.

  4. What an adorable pic of Alex's thumbs. That is to cute. We have wasp/yellow jacket problems here.


  5. Mmm! Peaches! Hope they ripen but I doubt it. Get rid of those pesky wasps!