Wednesday, July 2, 2014

WIP Wednesday

Woo hoo! Empty boxes! That's a wonderful sight.
This week's work in progress is all about cleaning and unpacking and organizing. I can't believe we've lived here seven months and we still have so much stuff in boxes. Why do we have so much junk?
In between going through household items, I've been doing some online organizing, too. I've been cleaning out my Blogs I Follow list, unsubscribing to those who no longer blog. And I've been organizing my Pinterest boards a bit better so I can find things I pin more easily. 
Of course, there has to be crafty time, too. 
A baby blanket for my Half Knits crochet group, pattern found here. This started life as a Granny Stripe but I didn't like the way the colors were lining up. I frogged it and restarted it with only one color (the multi) and the aforementioned pattern.
My July Smalls SAL project; I'm determined to actually finish one! The chart for this can be found here. This is only four days worth of work so I may finish this on time.

And, as always, there's the Bean to take care of, homeschooling to do, summer fun activities (that old saying about all work and no play comes to mind) and I do like to spend some time with my wonderful hubby. 

Can anyone say Time Management? 

Thanks for reading.
Blessings :-)

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  1. You sound like you're real busy Kate. I've cleaned out my blog list too - there were way too many blogs on there that don't blog anymore. Kind of sad.

    1. Always :-) But I try to make time for my blog friends. I miss a lot of those who aren't online anymore. Glad you're still here, Debi :-)

  2. I can so relate to the boxes. I still have boxes to unpack too. I like the blanket and the stitch; I think I've seen it called the crazy stitch somewhere? Pretty yarn. Have a great day! Heather

    1. It's never ending, isn't it?
      I made some washcloths earlier this year that were called the crazy cloths; the stitch is similar. Thanks :-)

  3. Yippee for getting some boxes put away Kate. Love the blanket your working on and great new start.


  4. I love that kind of organizing. It's time consuming but feels so good afterwards.

  5. Hi Kate, I love organizing in the summer too when it's too hot to go outside. I love the blanket you are making! Have a nice 4th of July and thanks for the visit!

  6. I have a bit of organizing to do... you are right, we end up accumulating so much junk over a period of time. Have a great day! XX