Wednesday, October 29, 2014

WIP Wednesday

I've been working on various small projects this last week. I'm up to round 27 on my doily:

I made some hats for the Waxahachie Children's Home (one of our church ministries):
My cross stitch progress has been over the last month:

Collection: I finished the quilt and started stitching the cabinet.

Next Trick: I stitched a lot more of the toilet paper (yup, that's just as weird to type as it is to read!)

Lid Up: I stitched a lot more of the toilet.

September Bear: I'm almost finished with the center blue section.

February Bear: I finally finished all the patches and started stitching an arm.

March Bear: I stitched a lot of the patches and all of the buttons.

August Bear: I'm a little more than halfway finished stitching the center ecru section.

Sunflowers: Not much progress here. Just a few stitches on the third flower.

God So Loved: I stitched the word LOVE (except for the backstitching) and started working on the sky.
As you can see, my needle's been a lot busier than my hook this month. I'm hoping to find a better balance next month; I have a lot of crocheting to do before we start the Mini Rings of Change CAL.
Thanks for reading and looking.
Blessings :-)

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  1. Yay! Look at your doily! You are doing great. I love that pale blue or gray color you are using. The cross stitch looks great too. Love the bear.

    1. Thanks :-) Isn't it funny how colors look in pictures? It's actually a sage green. It is really pretty. The bear cross stitch patterns are my favorite.

  2. Wow you have been crafting this week! I love everything you are working on. Hope you have a spooktacular week!

  3. You amaze me with all the projects you have managed to work on while taking care of your little bean. Have a relaxing evening. :)

  4. All your projects are coming along beautifully. So many pretty cross stitch patterns. I like the hats you made for donation and your doily is going to be gorgeous. Have a nice evening, Heather

  5. Busy as always Kate everything is coming on great, I am up to round 29 on the doily it seems to take forever to finish a round, what a pity we can't concentrate on one thing at a time haha xx

    1. It's the only way I know how to be :-) Great progress on the doily! Yes, each round takes FOREVER!

  6. Oh my Kate. You have made awesome progress on all these projects. They look great. Cute hats,


  7. Wow! Too many projects at one time for me, but it looks like you are handling it. I used to do cross-stitch but my eyes won't let me anymore.

    1. I get bored too easily if I have too few projects. But on the other hand I'm a great starter but terrible finisher. Cross stitching is very hard on the eyes; I have to use a really bright light most of the time.