Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Slow Start to the Month

I started the week under the weather and am still there. Not really sick, just feel lousy and ache all over. So we've been taking it easy this week, putting up a few decorations a day and doing a lot of independent work in school.
We put most of the ornaments on the tree.
I put out the Nativity sets. We have 8 because I collect them; these three are my favorites.
This one's meant to hold tea lights, but I usually don't add them because of the cats.
 The angel in the background is almost 40 years old; it topped our Christmas tree when I was a child.
Just a basic set from Walmart, but I bought it for our first Christmas 14 years ago. It's always held a special place in my heart.
I put this on the kitchen wall. Peel and stick applique from Kirkland's.
As a family, we started reading The Autobiography of Santa Claus by Jeff Guinn. It's a terrific story about the history of Christmas and is broken down into 24 chapters, one a night until Christmas Eve.
The church ladies enjoyed making the cards this past Saturday. We had ten people come and managed to make 90 cards to hand out to anyone we thought needed encouragement. These are the designs we made, 10 of each. Sorry these are so dark; I couldn't get the lighting right.
I crocheted an ornament for the tree (pattern here). Simple and easy crochet therapy.
Thanks for reading and looking. I leave you with the first three pictures of the December Photo a Day Challenge.
December 1
A framed print in our living room.

December 2
My handsome boy sitting so proud in our dying grass that needs to be raked.

December 3
My family in Ohio calls this a pop, not a soda.

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  1. Hello

    Your tree is beautiful and I like the stories behind your nativity sets, they are special.
    Lovely cards and I like your crochet ornie.
    Great photos too x

  2. Your tree and decorations look pretty and the books sounds like a fun (and interesting) one to read. I too call soda "pop" too, I live in OH. :-) Have a great evening and I hope you are feeling better soon. Heather

    1. Thanks, Heather :-) It is an interesting book, and it really emphasizes the true meaning of Christmas. I thought of you when I put that and wondered if you called it pop :-)

  3. Your tree looks great Kate. Love the nativities.


  4. Hope the lousy achiness will lift soon!
    Beautiful tree...and we call it ...hmmmm.....I'm trying to think! Drinks! We don't call it soda or pop......we just call it drinks :D Oh.....but Coke is called Coke :)

    1. Thanks, Thoeria :-) Me, too! That's neat that you call it drinks but Coke stands alone.

  5. Hope you're feeling better. Love the "Owl be home for Christmas'!

    1. Thanks, Charlotte :-) As the owl nut, I had to have it.

  6. The tree is looking lovely Kate hope you are feeling better soon. I don't have a nativity scene because I'm still looking for the right one, I'll know it when I see it. :) xx

    1. Thanks, Linda :-) Keep looking; you'll find the perfect one that speaks to you!

  7. Look at your pretty dog! I don't know that I've ever seen him before. I bet he's smart too. I love all the sporting and hunting dogs! Scratch him behind the ears for me. :)

    1. Thanks, Pammy Sue :-) He's made a couple of appearances but mostly when he was a lot smaller! We got him right before Alex was born. He's still Puppy Stupid but I think he'll be a smart dog when he grows up a little. I'll give him and Sugar (our other hunting breed dog) a good ear scratch from you :-)