Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Two Tuesday

Thank you for all your lovely comments on my last post :-)
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Two Things I'm Grateful For

1. Sales and coupons at Joanns. I bought some Deborah Norville Serenity yarn for another Cozy Comfort Prayer Shawl (on sale for $2.99 each), DMC floss and aida fabric for the Super Duper Ultimate Crazy Challenge (floss on sale for $0.33 each plus a 20% coupon, fabric 40% off with coupons) and fabric for a church project (25% off cut fabric, 50% remnants).
2. Christmas cards from friends and family. We live in the age of technology. So few people mail cards anymore; I cherish each one I get.

We found a new park to explore this past weekend. It's in Oak Cliff near Dallas.
Tim did some fishing. He caught the exotic weed fish.
Hope sat on the pond bank and worked on her landscape drawing skills.
I crocheted and entertained Alex.
I love all the colors of the leaves this time of year :-)
On the way to dinner, we passed over the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge. I love the architecture.
After dinner, we drove through neighborhoods to look at Christmas lights. There were some spectacular displays. This is definitely something you'd find in Texas, a western Santa with longhorns.
With the exception of Tim fighting a bad sinus infection off an on (he's much better today), it was a good weekend.
December 6
Joy Is...
 Joy is spending a day with my family. 

December 7
Weekends Are For...
Weekends are for relaxing with a favorite hobby. 
I worked a little more on my doily but didn't get any cross stitching done.

December 8
Simple Pleasure
Starting the day curled up under a blanket with that first cup of coffee
(and second, and third...)

December 9
Hope loves making these stocking hat decorations every Christmas.

Thanks for reading and looking.
Blessings :-)

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  1. I enjoyed reading this post and seeing all your pictures. Your doily looks so pretty and really close to be finished too! You are going to be SO HAPPY when you see how gorgeous it is all spread out on your table!!!

  2. What a lovely post and great pictures! Your crochet is all so beautiful and I love Hope's decorations x

  3. What a fun day with your family. Love your hubby's "catch". :-) Looking forward to watching your projects progress. You are a busy crafter! Take care and have a wonderful evening. Heather

  4. Love all your pictures kate it looks like your doily is nearly finished, it is nice to receive a card through the post though I don't get as many as I used too, I love Hopes hat decoration so cute. :)

  5. Love your new stash Kate. I enjoyed seeing all the pictures.


  6. Lovely stash!! I enjoyed reading your post :)

  7. LOL @ the exotic weed fish!!! :D
    Ohhhh.....when I read about how much people are saving with Joann coupons I so wish that we had one here! What super savings!!
    Your doily looks beautiful.....I think I need to expand beyond the granny square and maybe try one :)

  8. Ah, the exotic weed fish! My husband catches a lot of those! :-) Merry Christmas!

  9. Great projects going on. Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend. Thanks for stopping by my blog today. Looking forward to our stitchy starts.