Monday, July 27, 2015

Cross Stitch Giveaway

Due to the very undependable mail service where I live and the wonderful customer service of Cross Stitch and Needlework Magazine, I have an extra copy of the summer issue. So, I want to bless one of you with it!
There are some gorgeous projects in this magazine:
I have cats and dogs, so I need to stitch both of these.

Gorgeous! Never stitched on perforated paper, but now I want to try!
One of my favorite designers, Jody Rice, from Satsuma Street on Etsy

I wanted to do a giveaway but wasn't sure how to do it fairly. Linda has used this idea in the past with great success.
Answer this question:
How many cross stitch WIPs/starts do I have?
Most of you know I'm a serial starter, so there are quite a few. But how many? The person who comes up with the closest number wins! 
You'll have until Saturday, August 1, to guess. And, to make it fair, I'm going by today's number. Anything I start this week will not count for the total. 
Good luck!

P.S. Linda, since you already know the answer, you can't guess :-)


  1. Best luck to the winner. I don't cross stitch, so won't enter, but did want to take a guess; 23 cross stitch WIPS (just pulled a number out of my hat). :-) Have a great day Kate. Heather

  2. Hmm, I'm going to guess 97. I hope I have as much luck with yours as I did Linda's! Very nice of you to have a giveaway.

  3. Hmm! I have no idea but I will say 153!

  4. That's so sweet of you, the magazine looks great:)

  5. Oh !! Your and Linda's tests are really hard to crack :)
    The magazine is wonderful and no matter how much I want, I will pass on this giveaway because you have already given me lot of books.
    As part of the game, I will go ahead and have the guessing's 113 :)

  6. I'm guessing you have eight projects started?

  7. So kind of you!! Good luck to you all :)

  8. I will guess 75, but for your sake I hope I am totally wrong...haha!