Sunday, July 22, 2012

What a week!

Forgive my absence, but I have been running around this week like a chicken with it's head cut off. We got home at 11:30 Monday night, and I haven't been home much since. Between getting caught up with laundry, delivering new catalogs, food shopping, spending time with friends, and shuttling Hope everywhere, this is the first chance I've had to sit down at the computer.
Beautiful Beck of Beck to Vintage has awarded me the Liebster Blog Award. Thank you so much, Beck!
This award is for bloggers with less than 200 followers (or sometimes 100 followers depending on where you read the rules; I'm going with the 200) who have wonderful blogs more people should know about. I'd like to present it to the following blogs:
1. A Bucketful of Everything
2. Crochet Dyverse
3. Hooks, Lines and Singers
4. Loopy Pink Contemplation
5. Tillie Tulip
If you haven't had a chance to check out these very nice blogs, click on the links above.

Beautiful Beck of Beck to Vintage and Darling Debi of Dly's Hooks and Yarns have awarded me the One Lovely Blog Award. Thank you so much, Beck and Debi!
The rules are I must share 7 things about myself, so here goes:
1. I live in Florida, but I can't swim.
2. I don't have a sense of smell.
3. I'm a night owl.
4. I learned to crochet a year and a half ago in a class at my church.
5. I like to eat most vegetables raw but not cooked.
6. I think all food can be improved with chocolate, bacon and cheese (but probably not all three in the same food!)
7. I met my sweet hubby through an online dating service.
Now I need to nominate up to 15 blogs for this award. So many wonderful ones to choose from! Here are my picks (not all are crochet blogs):
Frills and Thrills
Marie's Making
Hookin It With Mr. Lick Lick
Repeat Crafter Me
Chipper Nelly
A Pumpkin and A Princess
Katie the Scrapbook Lady
Cute As A Button 82
Hooked! A Crochet Addict's Blog
Good Morning Girls
Wise Craft
Suzies Stuff
Crochet in Color
Life Multithreaded
If these are new blogs to you, check them out; you might find a new treasure :-)

If any of the nominees do not accept blog awards, that's OK. Just know reading your blog brings joy to my day.
As I'm falling asleep at the computer (some night owl!), I'll wait until tomorrow to let everyone know about their awards.
Thanks for reading!
Blessings :-)


  1. Comment #2....#1 just flew off into space I guess. I was in the middle of it when it just disappeared.

    Anyways...thank you for the nomination, although I don't do awards. It's nice to know that you read it. :o) That just gave me an idea. I should do the list of things about me and let people know that I don't do the awards thingy. :o)

    I hope your day is a good one!

  2. Congratulations on your awards! :)

  3. Thanks for the grateful...