Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Catching Up

I'm back :-) At least, I hope I am. I've been off and on sick for the last week and a half. I had a nasty sinus infection followed by a bad cold. The worst part is I'd be sick for a day or two, be fine for a day, be sick for a day, be fine for two, and so on. Can't shake it completely. I still have my cold but am able to sort of function.
Due to my fuzzy head, I've been unable to follow any patterns that require more than two different stitches. I tried, and frogged, several projects over the last week and a half. I did finish a couple things on my good days.
The A La Mode Boa Scarf:
Here's a closeup of the chains:
I finished the Cascade Scarf:
I found a tutorial online and made T-shirt yarn from a T-shirt I got at a yard sale for 10 cents. Then I turned the yarn into a trivet.
I'm past the halfway point on my Stashbuster project and will reveal it soon. No one's guessed what it is yet, although I've enjoyed all the guesses.
I made 3 more Ruffled Scarves from Sashay yarn, but haven't taken any pictures.
I haven't done any mini projects for the week or any dishcloths since last week because I've been sick. I'm hoping to catch up on those soon; well, as soon as I can follow a pattern again!

I hope you're all doing well and staying healthy :-)

Dishcloth a Day #19

Shells in a Row Dishcloth
This one was fun. I'd never tried the FPDC and BPDC before.

Dishcloth a Day #20

Granny's Path Dishcloth
This was a nice combination of traditional granny and solid granny.

Dishcloth a Day #21

Daydreaming DishclothAnother nice, textured one from Heather at The Good Life.

Dishcloth a Day #22

 Garden Flower Dishcloth
This pattern from Bernat is almost too pretty to be a dishcloth. It would make a nice doily instead.

Granny Square Saturday January 19, 2013

(I still need to make one for this past Saturday, the 26th)
Peace Sign Granny Square
This was not as hard as I thought it would be. Round 2 was definitely tricky, and it was a new experience working with 2 colors at once and inserting them at different stitches. But, on the whole, I really liked this one. Hope really likes it; she's into peace signs right now. She's asked for a blanket of these for her birthday in April, all different colors. I'll have to get moving on that.

Photo a Day January 18, 2013

Finally got my Shadow picture. This is Hope at the Museum of Science and Industry. She's playing in their shadow room; the butterflies are supposed to land on your shadow. There's another screen where fish will chase your shadow, and another one where little rocks will fall on your shadow and bury you. Fun.

Photo a Day January 19, 2013

The prompt was Delicious. What I liked was it didn't have to be food; it could be anything you thought was delicious. I love antique furniture; I love to look at it, touch it, imagine what I could do with it and where I could put it. I find it delicious.

Photo a Day January 20, 2013

The prompt was Something You Saw. We went to the Chocolate Festival at MOSI (the aforementioned museum). I took a lot of very cool pictures of what we saw; this was one of my favorites. It's an edible basket made from pretzels and modeling chocolate. Pretty cool, huh?

Photo a Day January 21, 2013

The prompt was What You Do. As a mom, I wear many hats, but the two main things I do are homeschool my daughter by day and sell jewelry by night. Now, where did I hang my cape?

Photo a Day January 22, 2013

The prompt was Corner. This is a wildflower garden planted on the corner a few blocks from our house. I love to see it in bloom each year.

Photo a Day January 23. 2013

The prompt was Electric. This one was tough to make interesting. I liked this Electric Fisherman I saw at Bass Pro Shops. I thought it was cute. 

Photo a Day January 24, 2013

The prompt was Stripes. A house a few blocks from ours (not the one with the garden, a different house) has Old Glory displayed proudly. Best stripes out there.

 Photo a Day January 25, 2013

The prompt was Landscape. This is out at the farm where Hope takes her horseback riding lessons. It's a very peaceful place to crochet.

Photo a Day January 26, 2013

The prompt was Together. These are Tim's favorite Muppets characters together on his computer monitor. 

Photo a Day January 27, 2013

The prompt was Sun. It was another overcast day (very warm, though), so I snapped a photo of the sun hiding in the clouds.

Photo a Day January 28, 2013

The prompt was Through. This is our bird, Tweety, through the bars of her cage. She's a little blurry in the photo because she was doing her "let me out, let me out" dance across her bar. She does that anytime I go near her cage door. She loves to sit on top of her cage and watch us without the bars in her vision.

Photo a Day January 29, 2013

Today's prompt was Grow. I took a picture of our dog, Sugar. She very quickly grew from a tiny puppy into the 80-pound beast she is now at 3 years old. She's a good dog; a little overprotective, not very bright, and totally ADHD, but a good dog.

I really enjoy the photo a day challenge, even if I have to take a few pictures a day because I get behind. It makes me really look at my surroundings and find the beauty in the ordinary.

Thanks for reading!
Blessings :-)


  1. I hope you are well now.The cascade scarf is super cute... I receieved the washcloths and will be sending you pics soon.Thanks again.keep safe


  2. I knew you could do fpdc and bpdc--your dishcloth and other projects turned out great! Glad you're starting to feel better.

  3. I love your scarves and the dishcloths. You've been very busy. I hope you can shake that cold and feel better soon. :)

  4. Hope you are feeling better. And you have made good progress with your projects...

  5. Sorry your not feeling good. Hope you shake all of it real soon. What a great post. You have got so much. Congrats on all the finishes. They are awesome. Love your photos a day.

    Okay, you gotta quick teasing me with that round thing. Its a tablecloth, chair cushion, floor cushion, tire cover, afghan, pet blanket, cover for your patio table, bath mat. I give up.


  6. I know what you mean! I keep getting sick for loooong periods of time, think I am about over it and it swoops right back down upon me. Crazy! Hope you are feeling better for good this time.

    Loved seeing all your dishcloths. I have become rather addicted to making them lately myself. Such a sweet, rewarding project.

    Have a blessed day!