Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Sick again

Not me! The computer. Tim's been tinkering with it the last few days trying to make it work better. It keeps freezing up and it's slower than molasses. I've been terrible about responding to comments or making comments on other blogs because I don't have the patience to sit here for hours waiting for pages to load. That's terrible, I know.

Mini Monday

I'm almost done with the shawl, just two more rounds of the border. My CADD (crochet attention deficit disorder) set in and I put it down for a couple of days. 
I did start my new project for the week last night. 
It's the Ombre Basket pattern from Crochet in Color. I finished the bottom and two rows of the sides last night. It's murder on the arms and wrists working with 4 strands at once! But I love the way it looks. I don't know what it'll look like when I'm done; I don't have enough Sunshine Print to do the whole basket, so I'll be changing colors soon. No plan on what colors, just whatever makes me happy. This one's for me :-)

Two Tuesday

Two things I'm grateful for:
1. A cup of coffee waiting for me when I stumble out of bed, thanks to my sweet hubby :-)
2. Being able to homeschool Hope. We started our studies again yesterday after the Christmas break and I marvel at the blessing of being able to teach her. 

Two patterns I think are neat:
1. Happy Pills pattern from EssHaych. We all could use some of these :-)
2. Monster Kleenex Box Cover pattern from Repeat Crafter Me. With cold and flu season in high gear, why not make the tissue box a little more fun?

Dishcloth a Day #6

The Bumped Shells Dishcloth is from JP Fun. I love the look of the pattern but it was cumbersome (for me) to make. It took a while.
Here's a close up of the pattern:
Silly Blogger flipping my pictures!

Dishcloth a Day #7

I needed a quick make yesterday so I fell back on an old favorite. The Rose in Bloom Dishcloth can be made in about half an hour and uses only half a ball of cotton. Love it!

Photo a Day Challenge January 6, 2013

Sunday's prompt was Mine. This is my yarn cabinet. Yummy, yummy yarn! My fingers just itch with excitement every time I open the doors.

Photo a Day Challenge January 7, 2013

Yesterday's prompt was Street. Since I stayed home yesterday, I decided to take a picture of the street I live on. It's a very busy road with constant traffic so I waited until late at night so I wouldn't be run over taking the picture!

Daily Inspiration

I'll be back later with today's dishcloth and picture.
Thanks for reading!
Blessings :-)


  1. So sorry to here about your slow computer I can really relate, mine was the same but thanks to my lovely family giving me money for birthday and Christmas I was able to get a new laptop and I love it. I love your yarn cabinet what a lovely stash, you are very organised putting your wips progress up in your side bar. Why not join our challenge as well and show us some of the lovely things you make with it. Love your dishcloths by the way :)

    1. I wanted to improve my patience this year :-)
      Thanks! I love the idea and just joined on your blog. The pic and link should be up soon. I'll have to plan another project :-)
      Thanks! I'm having fun making them.

  2. sorry about your computer. Your project looks so vibrant i love the colors. I love your stash closet it sure is yummy.

    1. It's a patience developer :-)
      Thanks! I'm trying to use brighter colors in my projects.

  3. I love your yarn cabinet. Sure wish I had someplace like that for my yarn. Love your dishclothes.


  4. Thanks! It was a lucky yard sale find. The rest of my yarn is in bins and dressers.
    Thanks! I'm having fun making them.