Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Four Challenges

Because I'm an overachiever (read that "crazy"), I've decided to give myself 4 challenges this year.
The first is the Photo a Day Challenge. I did this a little last year and really enjoyed it. I'd like to do it all year this year. The details for January can be found here or by clicking on the Photo a Day January button on the left under Challenges.

Photo a Day January 1, 2013

Today's topic was Today. What did I do today, the first day of a new year?
I worked on the turquoise and brown yo yo blanket all day. I had 5 rows to add on and then the border.
TA DA!! It's finally done!!!

The second challenge I'm doing this year is Dishcloth a Day. It's simple enough; I'll make a different cotton dishcloth each day and post a picture of it with the link to the pattern.

Dishcloth a Day #1

Today's dishcloth is the Ocean Grove Round Washcloth from Lion Brand yarn.
It came out nice although I had to block it to make it lie flat because I crochet so tightly. Before I blocked it, my sweet hubby said, "Oh, that's cute. Is it a bowl?"

The third challenge is Granny Square a Week. It's along the same lines as the dishcloth a day challenge; I'll make a different granny square each week and post it on Saturdays with the link to the pattern. At the end of the year, I'll take the 52 squares and make them into a blanket.

The fourth challenge will be Mini Monday. Each Monday, I'll start a small project, something I can finish by Friday. I haven't taken pictures of this week's project, but it's the Have a Heart Shawl from Red Heart yarn.
I'm hoping these challenges will not only use up the large amount of yarn I own (so I can buy more!), they will also help better my crocheting skills. And I'll be making gifts for friends, family, and charity. Bonus!

Thanks for reading!
Blessings :-)


  1. Your yo-yo blanket is beautiful. I love the colors. Great goals you've set. Looking forward to seeing your weekly granny squares. Good luck.


  2. I love your yo yo blanket and your dish cloth