Sunday, August 25, 2013

To Donate Locally or to Ship? That is the Question

I've encountered some interesting discussions the last few days regarding my crochet donations. I've discovered people can get very heated about donating locally vs shipping the donations out of state. At a yarn store I went to yesterday, the store owners and customers were complaining about someone who had left just before I arrived. The woman was asking for crocheted donations to be shipped out of state. They were upset that someone would send items through the mail when we have so many people here in Florida in need.
Here are my thoughts on the matter: people everywhere are in need. In our own towns, in other states, and in other countries. The fact that you want to help in any way and are able to should be commended. It shouldn't matter if you drive them down the street or put them in a box and ship them to another state or another country. It is a wonderful thing you are doing.
Yes, I send items to other states, but I'm also in contact with local charities about donating items in my town and in neighboring towns.
You may feel differently about the situation, and that's fine. Everyone's entitled to their own opinion. 
What do you think?

Thanks for reading my rant :-)
Blessings :-)


  1. I say give where the opportunity presents itself, whether it be locally, across the states or internationally. Any way you look at it, it's rewarding to be able to give and a blessing for others on the receiving end; no matter where they live. Have a blessed day. Heather

  2. I believe that you can give to whoever you want to. I think the ladies at the yarn store need to buy themselves some yarn and be happy. :)

  3. I think wherever your heart leads you to donate the things you create thats where they should go. If I could and were a superhero I would donate everywhere.

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  6. Thanks,ladies :-) I see we're all on the same wavelength.