Monday, March 30, 2015

Monday Musings: Some Crochet and Starts #85-88

I hope everyone had a nice weekend.
Saturday, I spent the morning teaching our ladies group at church how to make mini cards. 
These are terrific for donating to hospitals and nursing homes to brighten someone's day.

We also had our Easter egg hunt Saturday. Our church is very small, so we only had about a dozen kids, but they all had a great time. Alex got her own little section of eggs to play with and put in the bucket.
Sunday after church, we went down to Lake Waxahachie for a picnic. It was very windy, so we didn't stay long. They have a tiny playground with a slide, monkey bars and a merry go round.
Alex wasn't too sure about spinning in circles, but we still had fun.

I finally picked up my crochet hook and have a couple of finishes.
I made a preemie cocoon and hat using Red Heart Super Saver in Purple Tones. The cocoon pattern is from Dly's Hooks and Yarns and the hat pattern is from The Dainty Daisy.
Today, Sharon of Sharon's Eclectic Retreat posted a link for a really cute beret. I don't wear hats much, but it was so cute I grabbed a skein of Wool Ease Thick & Quick in Poinsettia and a P hook and whipped one up in about half an hour.
This yarn has red tinsel woven through it, so it's perfect for Christmas time. I have another skein in the same color so I might make another one to give away.

Here are four more starts for Debbie's Insane Super Duper Ultimate Crazy January February Challenge. I only have two more to go!
#85: Hootie's 12 Days of Christmas
Source: PinoyStitch on Etsy

#86: Christmas Owl

#87: Santa's 12 Days of Christmas Day 3
Source: Prairie Schooler

#88: Santa's 12 Days of Christmas Day 4
Source: Prairie Schooler

I just realized as I'm posting that all four are Christmas related. Too funny! That was not planned.

I'll be back tomorrow with my last two starts, and then Wednesday starts the A to Z Blog Challenge.
Thanks for reading and looking.
Blessings :-)

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  1. The cocoon and the hat are really nice. So glad that you all got out to have some fun. You have such a nice family Kate. Hope you have a nice afternoon, week and Easter.
    Julie xo

  2. You've been busy! Your hat turned out great. I'm going to make one tonight after supper when we kick back and watch tv.

  3. Love the purple color of your cocoon. Your cards look fabulous;) Nice starts too.

  4. Great new starts Kate. I love your crochet cocoon and hat. Alex sure looks like she's having fun.


  5. I Love your crochet cocoon hat and the color is beautiful! A very happy Easter to you and your family :)

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  7. Lovely new starts!! Your crochet items are very nice and I love the cards you made :)

  8. Suche nice crocheted finishes. And nice new starts for Debbie's challenge.
    There's nothing like these egg hunts with little children. Last year we attended one with our little grandson and everyone was having such a lot of fun.

  9. Wow, you've been having lots of fun! Love the crocheted stuff :D And there's never too much Christmas, in my opinion :D :D :D

  10. Saturday was a beautiful day for family and friends! Glad to see some crochet from you. Happy Easter!