Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Turtle Trot Time and Starts 65-68

It's the 10th of the month, so it must be Turtle Trot Time! This is being hosted by Claudette of BAP Attack. We pick 10 projects to work on and post progress pics each month. I missed the check in last month, so these show two months of stitching.
I came up with a good rotation schedule, so I managed to work on all 10 this month:
1. Roly Poly February
 I stitched most of the arms and most of the backstitching on the body.

2. Roly Poly March
I stitched the paws and the muzzle.

3. Roly Poly April
 I stitched more of the raincoat.

4. Roly Poly August
I stitched the rest of the white section and half of the right side blue.

5. Roly Poly September
I stitched a little bit more of the left side blue and some of the brown center.

6. Brown Trotter
I stitched more of the body and started stitching one of the legs.

7. God So Loved the World
I stitched more of the sky.

8. Lid Up
I stitched more of the tank and started stitching the bowl.

9. Next Trick
I finished stitching the toilet paper.

10. Sunflower Seeds
I stitched the box at the bottom and part of the inner border.

I'm finally getting tired of doing new starts, but I'm going to stick it out for the month.
Here are the last four, all from Cherished Teddies A Calendar Year in Miniature:
#65: Snowy January
#66: Love in February
#67:March Winds
#68: April Showers

Thanks for reading and looking.
Blessings :-)

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  1. Wow! I love all of your hard work, but especially the seed package! This was a really good idea to post your progress. Thanks for your kind comment on my Wetcreek blog. Linda

  2. Wow, you HAVE been busy! Your progress looks great!
    Really cute new starts, too :D

  3. Great progress on your 10 turtle trot pieces. Cute new starts as well :)

  4. Beautiful work on all your great projects! I especially love the Roy Polys and Cherished Teddies:)

  5. oops....I meant Roly Polys!

  6. Hi Kate! Your projects are all so pretty, I especially like the ones with flowers that remind me spring isn't too far off. Hope you and your family are doing better and recovering from your illnesses. Take care, Heather

  7. Great starts and I'm impressed with your progress on everything considering all the starts you've made too!

  8. The roly poly's are so sweet :) great progress on all of them, you have been busy!

  9. Nice progress with all! But I really love to see this cute bears!!

  10. Wonderful progress on all of them Kate. I love your new starts. Those little bears are really cute.


  11. Great progress on your projects !!

  12. Glad to see finished projects! Great job!

  13. So many cute stuff going on in here! The bears are adorable, and that cat on the toilet;), love it!

  14. You certainly have been a busy bee, Kate! Great projects! The rolypolies are so cute!

  15. Impressive progress & great starts, well done!

  16. Frogging is never fun, but on the bright side, it looks like you are accomplishing a lot on your other things! Maybe you saved someone else from having to frog. Another rainy day up north of you. I really love it.

  17. Well done!! Busy needle you have!