Tuesday, March 31, 2015

SFS March: Over and Out Plus My Last Two Starts

Earned: $4 
Spent: $140
Ending balance: -$140
Not a good start to April! It still amazes me I spent that much in March; a little bit here, a little bit there all adds up (plus one big splurge at the beginning of the month when I received a bonus check from work).
So, I'm out of any giveaways for the remainder of the SFS session. I can try to stitch my way back to a positive number, but that's going to be hard to do. Plus, I would still probably add to my stash along the way. 
I'm not sure if I should continue with it or not; putting a curb on my spending is a good idea, but, on the other hand, stitching stash and yarn are about the only things I splurge on. If I spend less than $25 a month, great, but if I have the money and an opportunity to get something I'd like to stitch, I usually do. I'll have to really think on that one.
So, what did I buy? Fabric and floss plus several charts from Etsy and some from my LNS. I haven't taken pictures of what I bought at the store, but here are a few charts I got from Etsy:
 Pretty Little London from Satsuma Street (also Pretty Little Paris, New York and Barcelona and Arcadia)
Garden Cat from Satsuma Street
Monorail from Lovemystitch
Calvin and Hobbes from Hornswoggle Store

Do I have more charts than I will stitch in my lifetime? Probably. Will that stop me from buying more? Probably not. But the same goes for crochet patterns and yarn.

And, finally, here are my last two charts for Debbie's Insane Super Duper Ultimate Crazy January February March Challenge! 
#89: I Never Finish Anything
Source: Amazing Cross on Etsy

#90: Not How Many You Finish
Source: My Big Toe

I find it funny that the center of both charts (my starting point) is the word "finish". A fitting end to the challenge! I'll be participating again next year, but only for January and February.

Tomorrow starts the Blogging From A to Z Challenge, so I'll see you tomorrow with A.
Thanks for reading and looking.
Blessings :-)


  1. Congrats on getting all 90 started Kate. Cute starts. Oh I like Calvin and Hobbs.


  2. Great new stash. Love the two new starts, they are very fun pieces.

  3. I have the same problem with my crochet............so many patterns, so little time! More than I'll ever do in my lifetime!

  4. I love those Pretty Little Cities! I have Paris and London - I plan on getting the ones from places I've been. For the Disney one - do you know if that person has permission to chart those images? I love some of them, but don't want to step on copyright toes.

  5. Even if you won't be able to stitch everything, it will be fun trying! :-) Hope your week is going well. Heather

  6. A very odd coincidence that both your ending charts have the word "finish" in the center. :) And love your purchases. Sometimes it just has to be done.

  7. I'm with you on the SFS thing - I also went over this month because I always put bonus or overtime money towards crafty spending and I got a bonus this month. I'm also considering dropping out, so as to remain fair to those that are abiding by the rules. Lovely projects, enjoy them!

  8. I love these colors of your stash. good job on the new starts;)

  9. I love the new stash, Satsuma Street designs are lovely and colourful! Sorry you didn't make the SFS budget, but as long as you are happy that you are spending what you can afford and want to then it's all good.

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