Monday, May 5, 2014

Monday Musings

Winner #1!

We have a middle name guess winner! 
Congratulations to Vikki Hooks of By Hooks 4U who guessed the middle name Jean. Yes, the Bean's middle name will be Jean in honor of Tim's grandmother.
Vikki, can you please email your mailing address to As soon as your prize is ready (hopefully this week!), I'll photograph it so everyone can see and put it in the mail to you. 

Still looking for that first name winner. So far the guesses have been:
Anna (I like this one; that was my grandmother's name)
Aubrianna (pretty; my niece's name is Aubrey)
Avery (I like this one, too)

Great guesses so far, everyone :-) Maybe now that you know her middle name, it'll be easier.

Mother's Day Craft for Church

My neighbors and I had a wonderful time Saturday working on the Mother's Day Survival Kits for the ladies at church. We put together 27 of them. 
They still need puzzle pieces and hearts added and the poems tied to the outside. That's my job for the next couple days.

I'm a little more than halfway done with the hearts. Yes, I could have punched them out of paper, but where's the fun in that? Because I'm a crazy person, I decided to crochet them. I'm using embroidery floss, a size D hook, and the From the Heart Bunting pattern.

Hospital Tour

We took our tour of the labor and delivery departments at the hospital yesterday. It's a very nice hospital, and the nurses are really sweet. The rooms are a comfortable size. And they have a very good security system regarding infants.
The only thing that made me stress a little is the fact they keep you 2 nights, 3 days for a normal delivery. I stayed half that amount of time with Hope. The only reason it concerns me is because Tim can't take that many days off work because he's still new. I don't like the idea of Hope being home by herself for three days. I'm sure if I ask, our neighbors and church friends will be happy to keep an eye on her. So I really need to stop worrying about it :-)

Thanks for reading.
Blessings :-)

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  1. Hi!!! so excited to have won!!! I am thinking maybe Adelle?or Addy, Abby,

  2. I hope that you find someone to take care of Hope, I'm surprised they keep you in so long it's in and out as soon as possible here. My guess is Ashley. :)

  3. Alice Jean
    April Jean
    Alexandria Jean


  4. Congrats to Vikki.

    How about Adeline? That's a nice name. :)