Wednesday, May 21, 2014

WIP Wednesday

Another week of some good, crafty progress. Probably my last one for awhile :-)
I finished the dark pink rounds, completed the light pink rounds, and started the dark brown rounds on The Wool Eater. After the dark brown, there will be a light brown and a white. Maybe a black but I haven't decided on that yet. This now officially has a home; my neighbor saw it while I was working on it one day and absolutely loves the colors. I'm going to surprise her with it when I'm done.
I'm halfway done with the squares for the Bean's Squircles Blanket. 
I made two more Peace Sign Squares for Hope's blanket. Ten done, thirty-eight to go. If I can keep making 2-4 a week, it'll be done by Christmas.
I added 212 stitches to the tan cat on Cats, Cats, Cats.
I finished the first peach stripe and started the second one on the March Cherished Teddy Roly Poly, adding another 336 stitches.
I finished the last pink stripe on the February Cherished Teddy Roly Poly, 298 stitches.

I go in tomorrow morning at 8:30 to start the inducing process for the Bean; she needs some encouragement to come out :-) I may be home after two hours if it doesn't work and have to return on Friday, or I'll stay in the hospital and have a baby. I'm praying for the second option. 
There are a couple of posts scheduled for the next couple days, but I won't be back until next week. The laptop's staying home so Tim can update everyone when the Bean arrives. Thank you for all your prayers and well wishes; I know everything will go according to God's plan :-)

Have a wonderful Wednesday :-)
Thanks for reading.
Blessings :-)

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  1. Great projects. Hopefully you are holding your sweet baby in your arms soon. I have nominated you for the Blog Your Heart Out Challenge:

  2. Oh my gosh - I'm so excited for you! I wish you all the best. :)

  3. Wonderful progress on all the projects Kate. Sending hugs your way for you and Alexandria. Can't wait to see pics.


  4. Your wips are coming on great, how exciting! I can't wait to see how it goes. Wishing you all the very best Kate. xxxx

  5. Everything will go according to God's plan, yes! Will keep you in prayers!! Love, Ruth

  6. Gosh you're busy and my heart is with you and little bean.