Thursday, November 13, 2014

A Stashbuster and a New Start

I've made slow progress with my doily and prayer shawl over the last week. I also made a Christmas stocking for Hope.
It's made with Red Heart Super Saver Amethyst, Turqua, and Pretty N Pink. She wanted one made the same way as my stocking. 
My grandmother made me this when I was born. I'll be making one for Alex next.

I bought a few cross stitch charts off Etsy and started one the other day. 
It's one of the Disney Heroes set, but I'm not sure what number. It'll take me years to get this done. Here's a picture of the finished project:

That's about it for me. It's been a cold week here in Texas, so it's great stitching weather. I'm especially enjoying working on the shawl; it keeps me warm while I'm crocheting.
Thanks for reading and looking.
Blessings :-)

November 12

At this time in my life, it's normal for me to always carry bottles, diapers and wipes.

November 13

I love alphabet cross stitch samplers. These are a couple I plan to start for next year's Super Duper Ultimate Crazy Challenge. I've created a page for all the projects I plan to start if you want to see it and haven't had a chance to yet.

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  1. The stockings are cute. Chocolate in mine please ;)

  2. Love Hope's new Christmas stocking - the colors are pretty. The cross-stitch picture is amazing - have fun working it. :)

  3. I love the Christmas stockings so pretty done in a granny square pattern!

  4. Wow! Whst a crossstitch project! Good luck!

  5. That is a really ambitious and incredible cross stitch you've got started! Your granny Christmas stockings are cute. Can't believe you still have yours from when you were born! That's great.

    1. It is, but I think (I hope!) I'll enjoy it. Thanks :-) I love my stocking, and I still use it every year.

  6. Love the stockings Kate. They look so easy to make. Did you get that Disney chart to stitch with me or was that just accidental? What count fabric are you using. Maybe I should start mine.

    I just went through your next year starts and I have several of those designs.


    1. It really was. There wasn't a pattern; I just looked at the one my grandma made and copied it.
      Yes and yes! I loved the charts you bought and started looking at what etsy had to offer. Pure coincidence I bought the same one. It would be fun to stitch it together; I'm using 18 count fabric.

  7. Love the stockings. They are so beautiful!!

  8. Your stockings look pretty!!:) looking forward to see your cross stitching with the new charts.