Tuesday, November 25, 2014

This and That

We're off school this week (I'm not sure who's more excited, the kid or me!), so I'm in the midst of some long overdue projects. We're doing some major decluttering and cleaning (no pics on that!).
I finally found my Pilgrim children. They don't seem overly happy to be back with their parents.
I'm prepping some card kits for this month's ladies ministry at my church. We're making Christmas cards to hand out at nursing homes and hospitals.
Our neighbor was getting rid of this table, so we snagged it. It has beautiful designs painted on it and is the perfect size for the front entry.
I liked the prompts I had for the last three days for the Photo a Day Challenge; they were fun to do. She just released the December list. How scary is that?
November 23
I Made This!
Samples of Christmas cards I've made in the past. I always keep one so I can 
do it again. These are three of the ones we'll be making at church.

November 24
I Need to Do This!
I'm a list maker. My philosophy is "If I don't write it down, it won't get done."
These are my daily and weekly lists.
I never get everything on them done, but I try to get all the important things done.

November 25
Have you ever tried to hold a baby and take her picture at the same time?
Anyway, Alex really makes me think about the passage of time.
It goes by so fast!
She turned 6 months old yesterday. Wasn't she just born?

Well, back to cleaning. I also have a couple of pies to get in the oven today.                                Thanks for reading and looking.
Blessings :-)

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  1. The cards look like a neat project for your ladies group at church. Hope you have a terrific Thanksgiving. My baking starts tomorrow. Take care, Heather

  2. Your cards look very nice! You are a busy lady:)

  3. Alex is such a cutie. Love the table.


  4. Lovely cards and the table is fantastic!
    Alex is very cute!
    Happy Thanksgiving x

  5. I love the cards and the table! The baby is so adorable and big already. Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

  6. Alex is a little cutie she's growing so fast, the cards look great! you are as busy as always kate, I'm with you with the lists I have a book now and list things in there the page doesn't get crossed off till everything on the list is done, works a treat that is until I mislay the book it happens often haha, have a great Thanksgiving! :) xx