Monday, November 3, 2014

Making Photo a Day More Creative

I stopped doing the Photo a Day Challenge awhile ago because I got discouraged trying to find "interesting" things to photograph that matched the prompts. I like to take photos of my ordinary life, but I wanted my photos for the challenge to be a little more extraordinary. 
Yesterday's post on Fat Mum Slim changed my thinking. Instead of trying to take pictures of not-so-ordinary items, I'll try to take pictures of ordinary items in a not-so-ordinary way. 
So, for the month of November, I'll be taking the pictures with the wall as my backdrop, and all of the prompt items have to fit in my hand (or be something I can hold/carry). I've had fun this morning setting up the first three prompts.

November 1
Something Blue
Three of my blue crochet hooks

November 2
I Saw This!
I saw this when I was shopping at Aldi's. It has directions for baking the pumpkins and making homemade pumpkin puree. It sounds like fun. I'll include Hope and we'll count it for school. If all goes well, we'll call it Cooking Class. If it goes horribly wrong, we'll call it a Science Experiment.

November 3
I thought about photographing the thermometer but changed my mind. So instead, here's what I need after being outside today. Our weather is warm and windy.

If you want to join in on the Photo a Day Challenge, you can find the November list here at Fat Mum Slim.
Thanks for reading and looking.
Blessings :-)

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  2. Great idea Kate. Love the pics so far.


  3. I'm not too good at taking pictures of my projects - every once in a while I can get a good one though. Your pictures look nice against the wall. Have a good day. :)