Wednesday, November 19, 2014

WIP Wednesday

A little stitchy progress here, a little hooky progress there...
I finished round 30 and started round 31. This one's going to take awhile; I love the points of the picot stitches, but I'm slow making them. I also keep forgetting to chain 2 after I make the picot; I remember two stitches later and have to frog.
I'm at the halfway point on the shawl. It needs to be done by the 29th, so I'm a little behind schedule.
But here's something to celebrate: a finished UFO!! (cheers, whistles, horns blowing, fireworks going off). I started this back in February. It was originally going to be a couple rows bigger, but I didn't have enough gray yarn. But it's about 25" x 34", a good preemie size. Once it's softened in the dryer, it'll be on its way to the Guardian Grandmas.
I added another hundred stitches to the Disney Heroes chart. Tim and Hope say it looks like Minecraft right now.
I'm still working on the Smalls SAL Challenge and the Mega Mini Month Madness Challenge; hopefully, I'll have pictures of those to share soon.
I started another gigantic cross stitch chart, although it's not quite as big as the Disney Heroes chart. It's from lovemystitch on Etsy. I stitched about a hundred stitches so far, but as they're all white (I'm starting with the top of her hair), and I'm working on white fabric, they're too hard to photograph now. 
Thanks for reading and looking.
Blessings :-)

November 19
This is my whole collection of cross stitch floss.
But it's not a whole set; I'm missing several colors that I'll have to buy
before the Super Duper Ultimate Crazy Challenge begins in January.
(And don't worry about my wrist; most of the weight of the boxes 
was leaning against the wall!)

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  1. Awesome update Kate. I love all your crocheted pieces. Nice progress on the Disney Heroes. I said I was going to do a 100 stitches a day in mine when I started it. Don't think that has happened. lol Love your new start.


    1. Thanks, Linda :-) I think I could handle 100 stitches a day if it was my only cross stitch WIP. Oh well; we'll just keep stitching them until we're old and feeble and blind from trying to see the stitches :-)

  2. Love your wips Kate and congratulations on getting one finished it's a great feeling isn't it love the blanket it's very pretty. :)

    1. Thanks, Linda :-) I do love that feeling when you finish something; it means you can start another something!

  3. Hello

    Lovely stitching and crochet, the blanket is gorgeous.x

  4. Too many projects going on! How do you manage? That would drive me crazy! Stay warm and crochet!

    1. LOL It's the only way I stay sane! I get bored way too easily and have to have multiple choices for my crafting time. And it's nice and warm under the shawl :-)

  5. Your crochet projects are lovely!! Congrats on the finish !! :) It looks pretty!!
    Good luck with your cross stitch projects. I am creating new WIPs although not mapping to any of the SALs this year.

    1. Thanks :-) I like the SALs because they keep me focused; I need a lot of that in my life!