Thursday, November 15, 2012

Kindle Woes

Has anyone else had problems with Kindle?
In January, I bought my first Kindle. It had the 3G Wireless and was a really good deal, probably because it was white. I discovered very quickly how dirty it got.
A few months ago it started giving me problems. The screen froze a lot and I had to reset the system all the time. The battery wouldn't hold a charge. This past Friday, it died. After a five minute online chat session with Amazon, it was determined I needed a new one. They sent it immediately free of charge.
It arrived on Tuesday. After charging for 24 hours without any response, I started to think the new one had problems too. When it finally woke up, I wasn't able to download my books from the archive. And then it froze up. I called Amazon this time; after a five minute discussion, during which the Kindle woke up and then froze again permanently, it was decided I needed another new one. They sent it immediately free of charge.
My newest one arrived today. I'm happy to report it works great. Unfortunately, all 2,245 of my Kindle books are in the archive and must be re-downloaded to the device. One at a time. But at least it's black and won't get quite so dirty so quickly. Electronics are fun.

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  1. Hi, I have had a problem with my kindle fire. When I got in touch with amazon I was amazed with the customer service. Just great. My grandaughter had the same problems as you. She too was sent another Kindle. Most stores could learn something from Amazon and have that kind of customer service.

    1. That was a bright spot in the whole ordeal. I was quite impressed with their customer service.