Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Thank You and WIP Wednesday

Thank you to everyone for your sweet, sweet messages on my last post. I felt everyone's hugs and have wrapped everyone's prayers around my heart. I am so blessed to have all of you.
I'm much better. I have more good days than bad now. Life is returning to normal with me in it. And I'm happy to be back :-)

WIP Wednesday

I have three projects on the burner right now and have banned myself from starting anything new until they're done! That ban probably won't last long :-)

The first yo yo blanket is coming along nicely. I finished the yo yo's (all 500 of them!) during our Texas trip and am now making the rows. This picture shows 15 rows done; just 10 more to go!

I started a second yo yo blanket for a friend of mine for Christmas; she has brown luggage with turquoise polka dots, so I wanted to make her a matching afghan. I'm working on this one in chunks; I make 100 yo yo's (enough for 5 rows), then stop to add the rows. This one will be the same size as the other so I'm almost halfway done.

This polka dot blanket is for me so I'm working on it slowly. Low priority, no rush. Maybe halfway done? I have another 12 squares to make before I assemble it.


Now, once in a while, I actually finish something (it feels like I start more than I finish!). I was in bed last week with a nasty cold but had ample time to crochet.

I made a baby blanket for a friend of mine who's due next month
and two pairs of slippers. I had to change the pattern a little because I didn't have enough yarn; I made the cuffs short but kept the rest the same.

These two projects have been done for a couple of months but I'm just now posting the pictures.
This is the ripple afghan I made for my friend's birthday in September. She loved it!

And this is the lapghan I started a year ago and posted about when I first started blogging. I like how it came out but didn't like sewing all those squares together. It's draped over the living room chair waiting to go to Project Linus.

Today's Inspiration

Thanks for reading!
Blessings :-)



  1. Great projects your working on. And the completed ones are really pretty. However, I love the polka dot one your working on and was wondering if I could get the pattern.


    1. Of course! It's from the blog Signed With an Owl ( She changed colors on every round, but I only changed colors on rounds 4 and 7 for the three color squares and round 4 for the two color. Have fun!