Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Two Tuesday

Two Things I'm Grateful For:

1. Our girls. Alex is changing daily: getting bigger, holding her head up longer, focusing her eyes better (if you've never had a staring contest with a newborn, I highly recommend it!). I marvel every day at her progress. Hope is an amazing big sister; she is my helper with everything. She continues to do her schoolwork (we school year round) and has adapted well to the schedule changes. Her maturity amazes me.

2. I'm back into my regular clothes. I know it's a little vain, but I was really happy last week when I was able to put on my regular jeans. Now all my maternity clothes are packed into a box waiting for a trip to the thrift store.

Two Patterns I Think Are Neat:

I think I'm going to try to make one of these for Alex; we're having pictures taken at church in a couple weeks for the directory. Hope has a new dress, so Alex should have one, too.

This was first a little applique, then the designer turned it into a square. It would be nice for a charity project blanket.

Thanks for reading.
Blessings :-)

Today's Inspiration


  1. So glad things are going well for you and your family. Congratulations on getting back into your pre-maternity clothing, that is great. :-) Heather

  2. I just made 2 Angel Wing Pinafores take a look at mine maybe for ideas, about addding lace if you like grilly girl stuff like me. I am randay on ravelry. Just started a third tonight. Love them