Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Two Tuesday


Two Things I'm Grateful For:

1. Watching the sunrise every morning. I get up between 5 and 6 every morning to spend time with Tim before work or because Alex needs a bottle. Our house faces east, and I love sitting on the couch and watching the sun come up over the trees. It's a great way to start the day.

2. Easy bake cookies. I love to bake and usually don't mind elaborate recipes. But it's great to have quick ready made mixes from the store or an easy recipe to follow when you want cookies in a hurry. I made a batch of Cheater Peanut Butters on Friday. Three ingredients, four dirty dishes, and half an hour later I had two dozen cookies. 

Two Patterns I Think Are Neat:

I love the Veggie Tales. Hope watched them when she was little; sometimes she still enjoys watching them. This site also has patterns for Larry the Cucumber and Junior Asparagus.

2. Owl Trivet 
Another owl for me to crochet one day :-) 

Have a wonderful Wednesday.
Thanks for reading.
Blessings :-)

Today's Inspiration

Source: http://www.lovethispic.com/image/87390/there-is-something-positive-in-each-day

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