Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Getting Caught Up

I'm still here. Been dealing with the depression demons the last week. Not easy when there are life responsibilities that require the "everything's fine" attitude. I'm better today, just tired.

I'll be spending today doing blog catch up. I should have the giveaway winners posted tonight; thanks to all who entered :-)

If you're doing the Mini Rings of Change CAL, go ahead with rounds 26-29 (if you haven't already). I'm sorry I haven't done the cross stitch tutorial. If you're not familiar with it, don't use the tip listed in the pattern. Maybe it's the way I hold my hook and yarn, but I ended up with a mess when I tried it that way. Make your second double in the skipped stitch working in front of the first double, not behind. This will put your second double crochet in front of the first double. I hope this makes sense.

Blessings :-)


  1. Glad to hear you are feeling better. Take care and God bless you and your family, Heather

  2. Hang in there. I know how badly depression zaps al your energy. I'll keep all of you in my prayers.

  3. I'm so happy your back Kate. I was really getting concerned. Glad your feeling better.


  4. I make a point of not saying "fine" if things aren't fine. I might say "could be worse" but never fine! My words are in tune with what I am feeling, most days. = )

    1. That's a good philosophy to have. I can do that with certain people and situations, but some people and places (example: work) require the "fine" mask.

  5. You have too many things on your list and we women usually do lot of parallel processing. It's fine but sometimes it takes a toll on us. Nice to know that you are feeling better now.

  6. Sorry to hear that you were not feeling well. It is good to hear that it is going better though.

    Good luck with everything!

  7. Sorry to hear you are feeling down. I hope things have improved a bit for you.

  8. Hope things get better for you, Life can be so hard sometimes x

  9. Glad to hear that you are feeling better Kate. :) xx