Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Snow, Smalls SAL, Stashbuster #3 and Starts #55-56

We woke up to falling snow this morning.
So we took advantage of the situation and ran outside to play. Hope and I made a couple of snowmen.
 Alex joined in the fun. She thought the snow not only felt interesting but also warranted a taste.
But we're true Florida wimps at heart. We only played outside for a little while. We decided it was nicer inside with some hot chocolate.
Wet clothes were changed and slippers were put on. Hope's wearing her new ones I made for her on Monday.
I used Red Heart Super Saver in Light Blue and Grape Fizz. I used this pattern and I'm linking up with the February Stashbuster Link Party at Linda's Crafty Corner.
Today's the check-in for the Smalls SAL hosted by Heather of Stitching Lotus. I already showed my finish on Monday, but here it is again with the link to the free chart by Erica Michaels on Rainbow Gallery. There are a lot of free charts on this page, so just scroll on down to find the square monthly charts.
And here are starts #55-56 for the SDUCJFC. They're both free charts from Kincavel Krosses; you can click on the titles and it will take you to the site.
I'll be joining Linda of Stitchin With My Furbabies in continuing my starts through March. I just have too many charts I want to stitch. Most of my March starts are fairly small, so I should be able to finish a number of them this year.
Thanks for reading and looking.
Blessings :-)

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  1. It's lovely to see your girls playing in the snow Kate, I love Hope slippers and that hot chocolate looks good. Thanks for linking. :)

  2. What fun playing in the snow. I agree warm hot chocolate sounds better. :-) The slippers you made are adorable and the progress on your stitching is lovely.

  3. oh that looks like such fun in the snow and hot chocolate after :) you can see they loved it! great stitchy starts, its so nice sitting inside stitching when its snowing outside :)

  4. I'm the opposite im a colorado girl at heart and I miss the snow. I love your sheep lol

  5. Cute snow pictures Kate. Alex looks like she is really enjoying it. Congrats on the cute finish. Hope's slippers are so cute. Love your new starts.


  6. The starts are so very cute!

  7. Ahhh I'm so envious of all the snowy pics I'm seeing in blogland! Looks like so much fun!
    Cute slippers!

  8. Great stitching. Looks lie lots of fun was had in the snow.

  9. Love those gorgeous photos of your girls in the snow. Hot chocolate and homemade slippers sound perfect. Thanks for the links to the cute freebies. March?! You are officially crazy.

  10. Cute pictures & it looks like you definitely had fun in the snow :)
    Those hot chocolates look so yummy!!!

  11. Don't care for snow! Thank God we didn't get as much as they predicted!