Wednesday, February 4, 2015

New Hair, New Recipe, Stash Giveaways and More New Starts

We're having a great time with Tim being home this week. He's been able to do some projects around the house, we've had a lot of good family time, and he's spent some one on one time with the girls. Today's his birthday so he and Hope went out to breakfast and are then going down to Waxahachie to go fishing. Tonight, he and I are going to dinner and a movie. Fun times!

I finally did something with my hair; it's been driving me crazy. I like long straight hair, but not on me. So, last Thursday, I went from this
to this.
It's actually still a little long. I wasn't sure how much it would shorten after I washed it, and I'm debating if I want to have another inch taken off now or just wait a few weeks. But I'm much happier with it.
We tried a new recipe last night, Stuffing Topped Chicken Bake. I forgot to take a picture of the finished dish, but I have one of the ingredients.
 Prepare the stuffing according to the directions on the box. Mix one can of cream of mushroom soup with half a cup of sour cream. Pour the soup and sour cream over four boneless skinless chicken breasts. Top with the stuffing. Bake at 375 degrees for 45 minutes.
On a scale of 1-10:  6
What I liked: Ease of preparation (can you tell this a big deal to me?). Good flavor.
What I'll change for next time: I'll stick to the recipe when it calls for only half a cup of sour cream. The sauce was a little too thick for me, but that's because I thought half a cup didn't sound like enough, especially when I was cooking 6 pieces of chicken. Trust me when I say it makes plenty.
Starts #32-34 (I haven't done today's yet):
#32: Love Yourself
Source: A 2nd Helping of Cross Stitch for the Soul by Stoney Creek
#33: Chocolate Sundae
Source: for Chocolate Lovers by Dale Burdett
I may change the color of the bowl; I don't think the gray will show up well on the lavender fabric.
#34: Giraffe
Source: Animals in a Word by True Colors Cross Stitch
 Can you see the word GIRAFFE in the finished design?

I've been doing some decluttering in preparation for the church yard sale in a few weeks. Before I take some things over, I wanted to give my wonderful blog readers first dibs. 
Giveaway #1: Fun Fur
 Some new and still packaged, some new without the package, some scraps. 

Giveaway #2: Eyelash Yarn
Same deal. There are also two skeins of yarn with little ribbon bits (that's the only way I can think to describe it).
Giveaway #3: Bulky Yarn
 Five skeins of Lion Brand Jiffy bulky acrylic yarn. The color is Fisherman.
The next three are all cross stitch books. Each group has 14 booklets; if you really need the titles, I can email them to you.

Giveaway #4: Cross Stitch Books Group 1
Family (3), kitchen (2), music, friendship, cats, towels (2), Christmas, Noah's Ark, calendar, fantasy

Giveaway #5: Cross Stitch Books Group 2
 Mickey and Minnie, Woody and Buzz, Precious Moments (plastic canvas), pets, nursery rhymes, friends, babies (2), food, special occasions, prayers, kids (3)

Giveaway #6: Cross Stitch Books Group 3
Dogs (5), wild animals (4), ocean animals, Halloween, Bible stories, congratulations, bride

Stuff you need to know: 
Giveaways are open to everyone.
Winners will be announced Monday, February 9. You have until then to leave a comment on this post telling me what number giveaway you would like to win (1-5).
You can enter more than one giveaway. 
I will do my best to get all prizes mailed by Saturday, February 14.
Any questions can be emailed to me at

Thanks for reading and looking.
Blessings :-)



  1. I just stopped in to say your hair looks great! I like it either way, but the soft curls are fun and probably easy to take care of. Looks like you are downsizing your crafting supplies. I have a room full of stuff to organize, so won't enter your drawing, but wanted to stop and say "hi". Best wishes to all who enter. Heather

  2. Your hair looks beautiful! and just look at all that yummy yarn :)

  3. Your hair looks great! Enjoy your dinner and movie;)

  4. I love your new hair do! The recipe sounds delicious and I'm going to try it out soon. You starts look great so far. Have a wonderful day!

  5. The new hairdo is gorgeous! Love your new projects too. Hope you thoroughly enjoy your dinner and movie :-)

  6. Great starts and your hair seems very fun! I'm getting to that point with my hair too. :)

  7. Your hair looks beautiful! I swore I would never cut mine drastically again but yours tempts me :D
    I like your new starts - the final 'e' on the Giraffe took me a minute - dunno why! Sneaky little design!
    I'd like to be entered in your 1 & 3 giveaways :D

  8. And how I wish I had straight hair. :o) But yours adorable and I like the length of it. Doesn't a new do make you feel so good. :o)
    Thanks for the giveaway offering.
    I'd like to be entered into #3 and #4..thank you.

  9. Love you hair Kate. Just wish I had some. Another recipe that I need to try. Great new starts. I like the chocolate one. The giraffe one is neat.

    I would like to be entered for #3 and #5.


  10. Your new hairstyle really looks good!!
    Great new starts, the giraffe looks like a fun colourful stitch :)
    Could I be entered for giveaway #6 please? The Witches of Booville looks just fantastic!

  11. Love the hair, Kate :) Mine is an unruly mass of curlyness and in our heat it was unbearable so I chopped it about a month back.....up in the neck :D
    A very generous lot of giveaways that I am so tempted to enter....but with our post still being so slow I'd rather not take the chance of winning and having you pay astronomical postage...only to have this useless lot of postal workers lose it! :(
    I'll post to my blog about it tho :)

  12. Nice hair cut !! :) Your new starts are great !!
    I would like to be entered for giveaway#4 and #5

  13. I'd love to be entered in the stash giveaway :) #3 the bulky yarn I could use, definitely for the baby blankets I donate :) thanks for the chance!

  14. Love your hair Kate soft and wavy, I need to cut mine too, great new starts I don't know how you manage to keep up with everything. I need to declutter too so won't enter your giveaway but good luck to everyone who does. :) xx

  15. Love your hair! I love giveaways and like #3.

  16. Your hair looks wonderful! Great new starts. If you are willing to post to NZ I would love to enter no 1 giveaway as they look as they will be useful for the toys I make for a local children's charity.

  17. Chock full of new starts! Love the hair. Natural curls? You lucky gal! Love that stitching too.

  18. Your hair looks great! I love the chocolatey start!

  19. Love your hair (both ways!!) It looks so thick and healthy--lucky you! And all of your stitching looks very nice, too :)