Friday, February 20, 2015

Mini Rings of Change CAL Week 9 and Starts #50-51

I took advantage of baby nap time and tween school time this morning and got caught up with my blanket.
Rounds 26-29
Round 30
Here are some progress pics from our other stitchers, including our newest, Jacqui:
I'll be updating the CAL page this weekend with any pictures I missed. If you're behind, don't worry about it. This isn't a race to the finish. We're just enjoying the drive.
For this week, let's do rounds 31-34. Round 31 is similar to round 30. Linda posted a tip today about rounds 30 and 31 curling, but don't worry about it. It will flatten out as you keep stitching. 

I have two more starts for the Super Duper Ultimate Crazy Challenge:
I'm participating in the International Hermit and Stitchers Weekend today, tomorrow and Sunday. 

My goal is to make as much stitching progress as possible over the next two days. Today, I finished my Smalls SAL for the month, and I've started working on start #14, Socks and Underwear by Lizzie Kate. I'll post pics on Monday.
Have a safe weekend and stay warm!
Thanks for reading and looking.
Blessings :-)


  1. Everybody's blankets look great. Nice starts Kate.


  2. I love seeing everyone's variations on the blankets. They all look wonderful. I still can't believe how many new stitching starts you've had this year! Hope you get to stitch to your heart's content this weekend.

  3. All I can say is WOW! Such beautiful colors are being used and each looks so different. You are a busy beaver. Take care, Tammy

  4. All the blankets are so pretty and unique with the different color choices. Good luck with your stitching. Have a terrific weekend. Heather

  5. They all look lovely Kate, I like your new starts, Have a great weekend. :) xx

  6. All of them look very colorful and pretty !! Lovely new starts!!

  7. Your CaL is looking really pretty!

  8. wow, everything looks so great!

  9. All these blankets are just wonderful ;)