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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Giveaway Fun!

Two cool giveaways for you to enter:
Hannah at Not Your Average Crochet is giving away this lovely box of goodies.

All Free Crochet is giving away three skeins of Bernat Mosaic yarn in Daydream.

Good luck!

Two Bits of Trivia

June 21 is Go Skate Day
Two-digit Interstate numbers are designed to let drivers know the general direction of the highway. If the Interstate has an odd number, it runs north-south. Interstates with even numbers run east-west.

Daily Inspiration

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  1. Found your blog today via Leah at Why Didn't Anyone Tell Me blog. Thanks for sharing about these giveaways. I must go check them out!

    1. Thanks for visiting! Good luck on the giveaways :-)