Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Two Tuesday and an Award

Melissa from Lazy Daisy Crochet gave me the Sunshine Blogger Award! That was so sweet; it made my day. Thank you so much, Melissa :-)

Sunshine Award Rules:
1. Thank the blogger who nominated you - done.
2. Answer the 10 questions on your favorite things.
3. Nominate ten blogs to receive the Sunshine Award and let them know they've been nominated.

Favorite animal: dolphin
Favorite number: 32 (my age, so it changes yearly!)
Favorite non alcoholic drink: Sweet Tea (the sweeter, the better)
Facebook or Twitter: neither
My passion: scrapbooking and crocheting
Getting or giving: Giving
Favorite pattern: Rose in Bloom dishcloth on http://www.bestfreecrochet.com/ (of course, that changes on a daily basis!)
Favorite day of the week: Sunday - no work, no schedules for any of us
Favorite flower: rose
Favorite country: USA

Now it's time for me to nominate 10 blogs (this is tough; I have lots of favorites!)
Debi at http://hooksandyarns.blogspot.com/ (I know you got one from Melissa, but I wanted to nominate you, too! I hope that's OK.)
Sharon at http://homeofalonelywoman.blogspot.com/
Linda at http://lindacraftycorner.blogspot.com/
Barbara at http://made-in-k-town.blogspot.com/
Emma at http://thelogcabin25.blogspot.com/
Leah at http://whydidntanyonetellme.blogspot.de/
Lucy at http://attic24.typepad.com/weblog/
Beck at http://becktovintage.blogspot.com/
Stephanie at http://simply-crochet.blogspot.com/
Marie Anne at http://www.crookedyarn.com/

I hope I didn't hurt anyone's feelings by not including them on the list; I could only choose 10 and I went with the ones I've been following the longest.

Two Things I'm Grateful For

1.My computer's fixed!!

My sweet hubby unhooked wires, plugged wires in, cleaned computer parts, and waved his magic wand...and it works! No further problems, no data lost.

2. $1 summer movies for the kids
 Sure, you can get all the movies they're showing on DVD, but it's the cool big screen theater experience the kids want. Cheap entertainment twice a week all summer.

Two Patterns I Think are Neat

Blackberry Salad Striped Afghan

Floral Flip Flops

A Yarn Scrap Experiment

Stephanie of Simply Crochet and Other Crafts posed an interesting question recently. How many yarn scraps do we accumulate over a year? It made me think, so I decided to do an experiment.
I started with this empty jar yesterday. I'm not sure of the size (quart, maybe? It had honey in it from a bee farm), but I'll see how fast it fills with yarn scraps. I'll post a picture every Monday so you can see the experiment's progress.

Two Bits of Trivia

Jeans, thought to be a strictly American product, originated in 18th century Italy where Genoan sailors wore snappy outfits made from denim.

June 12 is Little League Girls Baseball Day, Magic Day, and Red Rose Day.

Daily Inspiration


Thanks for reading this extra long post.
Blessings :-)



  1. Thank you very much for the award! My computer was acting up too. I did some googling looking for an answer and what it was the print drivers were defective and I had to re-install them. It's amazing how much I've come to depend on having a computer. Take care :)

  2. Thank you, that was a lovely surprise. I'm so glad you like reading my blog. Lots of love xxx

  3. Thank you so much for this award, and congrats to you! I'm happy you like my blog, and the other blogs you've picked are favorites of mine, too! :)

  4. Dear my friend, I am really so happy today, I have very sweetheart friends. My award made my day.. And also today my mother is so happy that I said my sunshine award to her. My mother thanks to you very much.. My mother is 76 years old. She is very curious about My blogging friends blogs and posts..
    God bless you and your family.. All best wishes..:))

  5. Thank you very much for giving my blog this award. It made me smile. Congrats on receiving your award too. :)

  6. You ladies are wonderful and so deserving of your award!