Sunday, January 19, 2014

Photo a Day Challenge January 13-19

Here are my Photo a Day Challenge pictures for the week:

January 13: Makes Me Smile
No pic for this one. It was a rough day. I didn't find a lot to make me smile.

January 14: 3 Things
Three books from the library that I need to read. From top to bottom, I have an historical fiction, a fantasy, and a mystery. I like to read a variety of different things.

January 15: Black and White
I was supposed to take a black and white photo, but my camera doesn't do that. So I took a picture of something black and white: our cat, Oreo. As the only male animal we have, Tim bonds with him as much as possible. The other cats and dog and bird and people in the house are all female.

January 16: Sun
This came out neat. The sun playing peek a boo behind the tree branches.

January 17: Tiny
You all know I'm an owl freak. I even have an owl charm for my phone.

January 18: Happy Place
I spend a lot of time at home lately, so my happy place has become the corner of the couch with a crochet hook in my hand and yarn by my side. It helps if I have a cushion to lean on, a blanket to cover up with, and a drink on the side table.

January 19: Breakfast
Oops! Forgot to check the prompt until after lunch so I didn't catch this one. Just picture in your mind a bowl of cereal and a cup of coffee. It's my standard breakfast.

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