Sunday, January 5, 2014

Stashbuster #2 and January Photo a Day Challenge

 Hope wanted a winter hat so I made her this one today with this pattern. It was supposed to be for Tim (originally, Hope wanted a purple one), but it came out a little small for him (he has a big head). Hope decided she really liked the color and the fact that it was a little loose on her head. So, it wasn't a wasted effort. I'm making Tim another one with a different pattern and thicker yarn.

January 2014 Photo a Day Challenge

I'm doing the photo a day challenge again, but I'm only going to post the pics once a week; that way it's not so obvious when I miss a day :-)

January 1: Lunch
Purple spaghetti, anyone? This is what I was doing at lunchtime on the 1st day of the year: untangling yarn. It was a nice new skein; with just one pull, the entire center fell out into a huge tangle. Fun :-)

January 2: Begins With G

These are our two Girls: Cinnamon (left) and Marshmallow (right). 

January 3: My Town
This is the entrance to the DeSoto Town Square. It's really nice; all in one complex we have City Hall, the local theater, the Civic Center and the Library. Oh, and a nice parking garage. It's very convenient and only a few blocks from the house.

January 4: Words to Live By

 This is one of my favorite verses. Good thing God has plans for me; mine never seem to work out right :-)

January 5: Found

 We found this little desk and office chair on Craigslist for free. The desk had a couple of cracks in it but some wood glue made it good as new.

All the daily prompts for the Photo a Day Challenge can be found here.

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  1. Your hat looks good. I've been making hats lately - they're so quick and easy to do. :)

  2. Lovely hat! don't forget to link it up. :)

    1. Thanks:-) I'm trying to remember to do that each time, but I need all the reminding I can get!

  3. Cute hat and I love the photo a day pics especially the kitties.