Friday, January 31, 2014

Photo a Day Challenge January 27-31

Here are my pictures for the rest of January:

January 27: Something I Bought
Maybe it's because I'm in Texas, but I noticed a lot of people wearing boots. I wanted a pair that was cute but comfortable and practical (I don't want much in life, right?). These were on a clearance table at JC Penney for $10, marked down from $40. They're now my favorite shoes :-) Ignore all the cat/dog hair on them; that stuff flies through the air in my house.

January 28: Dinner
This is a terrible picture! I didn't remember to take it until I was putting away the leftovers. It would have looked nicer with sauce, meatballs and parmesan cheese on it on a plate. 

January 29: Window
The view of my front yard through the living room window. It looks nice out, but the temperature was about 28 degrees. 

January 30: Best Invention Ever
The crochet hook. At least, I think it's the best invention right now. It's keeping me sane and out of trouble. And I have a lot of pretty things when I'm done :-)

January 31: Polka Dot
My suitcase. I have a matching train case to go with it. They came from Sam Moon, one of my favorite stores. I love the smiles on people's faces when they see it on the carousel at the airport. It's not hard to find my luggage :-)

That's it for January. 25 photos, 6 days missed. Not too bad. Let's see how I do for February. 
In case you want to join in, here are the prompts for February from Fat Mum Slim. You can also access them through the link in my sidebar.

And one last look at my January shots:
 Left to right, top to bottom:
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Left to right, top to bottom:
January 21: Blue; January 18: Happy Place; January 20: To Do List; January 28: Dinner
January 31: Polka Dot; January 29: Window; January 27: Something I Bought
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January 26: Bedtime; January 30: Best Invention Ever; January 26: Fun Stuff


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    1. Oh, dear. That's not good. Try reloading the page.

    2. Scratch that. I know what happened. I accidentally hit Publish after putting in the title but before I added the pictures. You must have looked at it while I was fixing it. Sorry about that. It should work now. Thanks for your patience; I'm technology challenged!