Sunday, January 12, 2014

Photo a Day Challenge January 6-12

Here are my photos for the Photo a Day Challenge this week. I missed a few days so there aren't that many.

January 6: Happens Every Day
This happens every day, several times a day in fact: Sugar waiting patiently for me to open the back door so I can let her run around the back yard. Can anyone say "doggie door"?

January 7: Upside Down
Missed this one. Couldn't find anything interesting around the house to flip upside down and photograph.

January 8: Lucky Number
Missed this one, too. I don't really have a lucky number.

January 9: Natural

My favorite photo from this week. This is one of the pear trees in our backyard (at least, we're told they're pear trees). I love all the spindly, bare branches. And the fog that day was really thick so it made a nice background.

January 10: Manmade
After our day of maternity clothing shopping, we had dinner at Cheddar's, one of our favorite restaurants. They bring you honey butter croissants to start your meal. Yum, yum!! So good they melt in your mouth. (A big sorry to all of my dieting friends for this one!)

January 11: Looking Down
Another one I missed. I had a great idea for it but forgot to actually take the photo, and, of course, the idea didn't come to me until late at night. Oh well.

January 12: Colorful
One of my current WIPS, the Yo Yo Blanket. I know a lot of people find it tedious work, but I love making all the little yo yos with scrap yarn and attaching them. I find it very soothing.

Thanks for reading!
Blessings :-)


  1. Great photos and I love the yo yo blanket. I have never made one.


    1. Thanks :-) I enjoy making them. The connecting was tricky at first because I didn't know the flat braid joining method, but once I got the hang of it, it wasn't hard.

  2. Your yo-yo blanket looks really neat. I bet it will be nice and warm to snuggle under as well. Have a relaxing evening. Heather

    1. Thanks :-) I made one for my friend, and she says it really is warm even with all the holes.

  3. Hi sweetheart! this post,first your dog is beautiful,I have 2 of my own....but smaller.The croissants are yummy and the balnket is looking great ....colors too..wishing you a fantastic week. Butterfly Pattern is ready. ;)

  4. Thanks :-) She's definitely a large dog! Thanks for the the pattern update :-)