Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Two Tuesday and Start #27

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Two Things I'm Grateful For:

1. My water hyacinth is still alive. I bought this two weeks ago at Aldi's. It was just a bulb with short stubby leaves in a bowl of water. My family took bets on how fast I would kill it (I have a reputation for killing plants). But it's thriving!
2. I finally unpacked my Cherished Teddies; they've been in storage since we got here. They make me smile.

Start #27:

Cherished Teddies Around the World Italy
This is a kit I got for free at a yard sale; the people had put everything left over from the sale into boxes on the curb. One box had a bunch of brand new cross stitch kits in it. 
I think there's a booklet that has all the Cherished Teddies bears from different countries; I need to get a copy one day.
Thanks for reading and looking.
Blessings :-)


  1. Your hyacinth looks like it is thriving under your care. :-) I admire your cross stitching with all those tiny x's! I'm sure that takes a lot of patience. Have a blessed day, Heather

  2. You got a PURPLE hyacinth! I'm totally jealous! Aren't they pretty and fragrant and fun? I loved having mine. It's on it's way out now though. Maybe I'll find another somewhere. I'm keeping my eyes peeled!

  3. The hyacinth is beautiful. I'm so ready for spring and summer! All your teddies look cute.

  4. love the hyacinth and the teddies are so cute! :)

  5. Love your diplay of teddies.

  6. I love your Cherished Teddy collection and new start Kate.


  7. Lovely start!! Your teddy collection is cute:)

  8. Your teddies made me smile too :)
    Lovely stitching there....and I take my hat off to you...I would definitely have killed that hyacinth in the first week!

  9. Ever notice that people who have yard sales don't realize the treasures that they really have?

  10. Cute start - DH is Italian, that bear reminds me of his Nona.

  11. Nice collection you got there! And the Italian teddy looks cute too!

  12. Love your flower! very nice collection of teddy's!
    What a great find! Cute start