Wednesday, April 8, 2015

G is for...

Going at a snail's pace! Continued problems with my health are slowing me down to almost a crawl. In a nutshell, I'm exhausted to the point of inactivity and ache all over at all times. I have been to the doctor, but all they did was take blood and run a bunch of tests. I should get some results back tomorrow. 
 I don't have any stitchy pictures that go with G to show you today (and it's only today for another 20 minutes!), so I just have some links to some GREAT free patterns you can find online.
Flower GARLAND (hey, there's a G!) I made this last year and still have it hanging; it makes me smile. You can find the free pattern here at A Hermit's Wish.
GRANNY Squares! Still my all time favorite thing to crochet. I'm not so great at attaching them, but I love making them. These are still waiting to be joined together. You can find the free pattern here at Signed With an Owl.
GRATITUDE stones! These are fun and fast to make. I use a D hook, embroidery floss and little plastic pellets as stuffing. The free pattern is found at Crochet Dynamite.

That's all I have for now. I'm still committed to the challenge, just having to make changes according to my days.
Thanks for staying with me. Big time congrats to all my fellow A to Z Challenge stitchers and bloggers who are still going strong!
Blessings :-)

Updated April 13, 2015:
and G is for
Start #21
Started January 21, 2015
Progress as of April 13, 2015
I finished the bottom purple stripe and started a yellow stripe.

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  1. Hi Kate, sorry to hear you haven't been feeling well. Hopefully your blood test will give the doctors some indication as what to do to help you feel better. Take care, thinking of you, Heather

  2. Take care and feel better!

  3. Hope you feel better soon. Hoping it's not fibromyalgia!

  4. Looks like you are keeping yourself busy between diapers with some stitching. Glad you have a creative outlet to help some with not feeling well. Hope you get it resolved soon and can get some energy and better health.

  5. Glad you managed a post Kate. I sure hope the blood work finds something.


  6. Love your flower garland! So cute!
    I have been visiting another crocheter here, you might find interesting from AtoZ:
    I'm sending her your link, too.
    AtoZ Challenge

  7. Nice patterns, thanks! Hope you feel better soon!

  8. Those little Rock ones are so cute and love the flowers. I hope you will be OK-Health is most important so do what you need to do to get well

  9. Sorry you're not feeling too good.
    You could easily just post links to projects you already have on the go or on your wish list. Then check back next April with your progress on them!

  10. Goofy is one of my favorite characters. I also love Garfield.