Friday, April 10, 2015

I is for...

INSPIRATION (Ironically enough, the word also chosen by the bloggers at!)

I've always been a sucker for beautiful, inspirational sayings and quotes. I have a Pinterest board full of them, and I like to include them here when I can. If I know where the image came from, I put the credit under it. I hope that, in the time you've been reading my little blog, you've found something to inspire you. All of you inspire me every day :-)

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Thanks for reading and looking.
Blessings :-)

Updated April 13, 2015:
I is for...
I Never Finish Anything
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  1. Great quotes but I'm afraid I'm more of a "Grumpy Cat" meme person! I am drawn to the sarcastic ones LOL
    I do find inspiration in my fellow bloggers though, my stash is witness to that!