Monday, April 27, 2015

W is for...

Blogging From A to Z
Who-hoo? Me too?
Free chart from Kincavel Krosses
Start #47, started February 16, 2015
Progress as of April 27, 2015

And W is for
Wool Eater
I finished this last year and gifted it to my neighbor. It was fun to make, but I'd definitely wait until winter to make another one. It's very warm to work under. You can find the free pattern here.

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Blessings :-)
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  1. That's so pretty! Love the colors. You got one very lucky neighbor:)

  2. Very pretty! I love that little Owl, and I really need to add that afghan to my to-do list :D :D :D
    I'm not sure the replies are working on my blog, so yes! Totally still up for the mini-spirals CAL!

  3. That blanket is gorgeous Kate. Nice progress on Who-hoo.


  4. Such a pretty project. And a funny name - wool eater, lol.

  5. I love that wool eater blanket - it's so pretty. :)

  6. W already wow haha get it! love your wool eater and your stitching Kate I always meant to do a wool eater but have never gotten around to it such a lovely pattern. :) xx

  7. Those wooleaters are great to make in the air conditioning too :) Very pleased to meet a fellow crocheter!
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