Monday, April 13, 2015

K is for...

Lizzie KATE, one of my favorite cross stitch designers. I started several of her charts for Debbie's ISDUCJFMC and have made progress on two.
Start #13: To Do List
Started January 13, 2015
Progress as of April 13, 2015

Start #14: Socks and Underwear
Started January 14, 2015
My progress as of March 5, 2015:
My progress as of April 13, 2015:

I've been playing Alphabet Catch Up over the last few days. I'm determined to be completely caught up by the end of this weekend and finish the Blogging A to Z Challenge strong. 
If you'd like to see my updated posts you can click the links below and scroll to the bottom to see my stitchy progress:
G is for Goofy and Garfield 


  1. Such fun designs:) I've never stitched a Lizzie Kate design since they are difficult to get hold of here in Sweden, but I really like the way they look so one day I hope to do a few...

  2. I'm not commenting on every post, but I'm reading. Just wanted you to know.

  3. I like Lizzie Kate designs, they are so sweet and simple. Yours are both great examples of her designs.

  4. Nice progress on both pieces Kate. She is one of my favorite designers too.


  5. Love the designs. A really enjoyable post :)

    Thank you for sharing and good luck with the rest of the challenge.

  6. Ha! That's my first time seeing the socks and underwear. Now I must have it lol

  7. Nice choice. Will it be the Lizzie part for L? I have stitched a few L*K designs now, often as travelling patterns or gifts.

  8. I love your piece, when you stop believing, you get socks and underwear! So funny! I'm popping in from the a-z and enjoyed rolling through your cross-stitch projects. I did some of that years ago, then moved on to other crafts. About every two years, I wanted to learn a new craft. Are you on facebook? That's how I best follow people, but I don't see a link here. I'd like to stay in touch. Come visit me, if you'd like: