Thursday, April 9, 2015

H is for...

Thank you so much for all the well wishes. I haven't been able to respond personally to comments yet or been to many blogs, but know I appreciate all of you.
I did get my blood work results back. As far as the first round of tests go, everything looks normal. So now we dig deeper. I'm not feeling any better but I'm honestly starting to get used to aching and being exhausted all the time. I just take a lot of breaks during the day and nap when I can. Tim and Hope are a big help, too.

And H is for...

My sweet baby girl who made me a mom is 13 today!! We spent a quiet day at home today, but we're going to Six Flags Saturday. Can you tell she's a daddy's girl?

And H is for...


 Besides granny squares, hats are some of my favorite things to crochet. They work up quickly, don't use a lot of yarn, and make great gifts or donations to charity. These are all hats I made last year. You can find the patterns here:

First picture:
Red hats: free pattern from Dly's Hooks and Yarns
Red and white hats: free pattern from Suzie's Stuff

Second picture:
Both hat patterns are free from Linda's Crafty Corner
Top row: Pom Pom Preemie Hats
Bottom row: Lisha Baby Hats

Third picture:
All made from the same pattern free at The Dainty Daisy.

Thanks for reading and looking.
Blessings :-)

Updated April 13, 2015:
H is for...

and H is for...
Start #56
Started February 25, 2015
   Progress as of April 13, 2015
Stitched the dark brown of the second cup.


  1. Oh my gosh, i can smell your smokin' needles from here. Beautiful hats, so many!
    Happy birthday to DD!
    On a medical note, get tested for T-4, T-3 thyroid problems. Your symptoms are much like mine were.

  2. Happy birthday to your beautiful daughter! I'm sure she'll enjoy her trip to the amusement park; what fun! :-) Not sure if your doctor looked into it or not, but I was just reading an article about lyme disease (from a tick bite). It may be something you want the doctor's to look into. Have a great day Kate. Hugs, Heather

  3. Happy Birthday to your daughter !:)
    Hope you feel better soon. Your hats are cute!!

  4. Love all the hats Kate. Happy Birthday to your daughter! And I hope that you feel better soon. :)

  5. Happy birthday to Hope and hurray to you. Being a mom is the best thing ever!

    Reading that you're getting "used to" your discomfort makes me sad. Please don't settle for acceptance, but keep after the doctors and insist on finding a diagnosis and help. You deserve the best in your life!

  6. I love all of the hats Kate. Such pretty colors.
    Happy Birthday to Hope.
    Don't settle for the pain. Find the problem.


  7. Hope they diagnose your health problems soon. Happy Birthday to your daughter. Have a great time as Six Flags!

  8. Happy birthday Hope! Good luck with all of your tests I hope it's something that's easily treatable and they find it soon. Hugs!

  9. What an amazing collection of hats! Love all the colours.
    Hope your daughter enjoyed her Birthday, and also that they sort out what is causing your health problems.

  10. Happy birthday to your beautiful daughter. The hats look great. I hope you feel much better now, hugs.

  11. Hope you're feeling better soon and they get to finding out what's making you unwell. Happy Birthday to your lovely daughter. happy weekend hugs.

  12. Happy looks great Kate. Nice progress on hot chocolate.